10 Ways You Are Failing At Email Marketing

10 Ways You Are Failing at Email Marketing and How to Fix It

It seems lately I increasingly hear, “Email Marketing doesn’t work anymore.”  I was first shocked at these statements, then puzzled as to why I kept hearing similar comments over and over again. Statements like:

  • “Email Marketing is dead.”
  • “People don’t have time to read longer emails anymore.”
  • “People don’t want to be inundated with emails all the time.”

As these comments kept popping up, I became more confused. They are in direct opposition of the data I am seeing with my email marketing and that of my clients’. Like the Real Estate Agent team who have a 49% Open Rate (average) with their monthly email.  I drilled a little deeper and asked why they felt this way. Here is my conclusion:

I’m here to tell you email marketing is far from dead, you’re just doing it wrong.

The real problem lies with email marketers abusing the system whether they realize it or not.  People who do email marketing either lack the proper knowledge of what is right and wrong OR they know what they are doing is wrong and continue to do it anyways. I cannot help the people in the second group. However, I wanted to share some advice with those who fall into the first group and want to learn how to correctly position their email marketing and take it to the next level.


Here are 10 Ways You Are Failing at Email Marketing:

  1. You assume email marketing is only sending a monthly newsletter with loads of content.
  2. You falsely add contacts to your list without proper permission.
  3. You buy lists of contacts to extend your reach and grow your list.
  4. You do not have proper list growth practices in place to correctly grow your contact database.
  5. You do not segment your list and target your marketing messages to specific audiences.
  6. You do not send your email campaigns on a continual basis or stay in touch with your audience.
  7. You do not plan your content or how often you will communicate with your contacts.
  8. You do not treat your email marketing as the place for your VIPS.
  9. You do not include call-to-actions or try to entice your audience to click-through for more information.
  10. You do not measure your metrics to see who is interacting (opening and clicking through) with your content.

Do any of these sound like you?

The root to most of these issues is due to lack of planning upfront.

An email marketing exercise may not sound fun, but is vital to you having success with your email marketing. Do you want to take your marketing to the next level and properly communicate with your audiences?


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