19 Benefits of Weekly Blogging

As I wrote my last post on 5 Community Relations Goals to Set for Your Blog I started reflecting on how much I have learned these past 2 1/2 years of blogging. Especially in the past 6 months where I have dedicated myself to this blog and realized its full potential. That is where I started to see a payoff in the benefits of weekly blogging.

When I started taking my writing more seriously, and held my own feet to the fire, I found not only did my business evolve but my knowledge base grew as well.

Those are two benefits. Here are 17 other I have personally experienced from my weekly blogging:

19 Benefits of Weekly Blogging - JO Social Branding

1. My writing has improved. I have found there is much less use of passive tense, which is my main grammar weakness.

2. I have taken my website and blog to the next level, as I taught myself the ins and outs of WordPress, hosting, plugins, troubleshooting issues, etc.

3. Creatively I am stronger professional. I am ALWAYS thinking of new ideas to bring to the blog or topics to write about.

4. I am happier when I write, it has become a necessary release of energy for me.

5. I have a stronger daily focus that positively affects my work/life balance, when I write in the morning.

6. Writing has become a part of me. I feel “off balance” if I don’t produce at least two pieces/week.

7. Meeting other bloggers. I have come into contact with individuals I otherwise never would have known.

8. I have made many blogging and social media friends through sharing my content, views and knowledge.

9. I have learned from bloggers through their content, comments and feedback.

10. I have established a stronger digital presence for my business.

11. It has helped my search engine rank and optimization.

12. I have established myself as a thought leader. In the beginning with my consulting, I found many potential clients would invite me to coffee to “prove myself” to them, by picking brain over specific topics – and then not hiring me. This no longer occurs. I often hear people have found me through my website, where my knowledge base exists.

13. I have positioned my blog as a “resource center”, for other bloggers and social media novices.

14. I learn something new every day through reading others’ articles, or troubleshooting my blog.

15. I have become more comfortable with analytics, as I measure how well my content performs on various social media platforms.

16. Business growth. It is from those analytics that I choose to focus on specific areas to grow my business.

17. The most important benefit: I have a stronger sense of self. I never truly realized the value I provide with the knowledge I possess. By blogging and interacting with others, receiving comments and feedback, validates I am on the correct career path.


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Have you experienced these benefits? Are there other blogging benefits you have experienced and would like to share?

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