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20 Ways to Make Your Digital Brand Better

You may recall in my post, “How Authentic Are You with Digital Media?”, I discuss the debate of putting your true “authentic self” forward.  I also answered the question, “How authentic should you and your brand be?

Answer: As authentic as you feel comfortable with.

Building off this topic, I want to discuss Branding and how Authenticity plays a role in this.


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A brand is defined as many ways, one of the ways is how your audience perceives you.  Digital branding is how others perceive your business or blog in an online environment.  Therefore if you are using digital media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), you are putting a perception out there, whether you realize it or not.

If you use digital media websites, you need to ask yourself if you have a consistent and authentic brand image.

Think about your audiences’ online experience.

Suzie is on your email list.  She receives your monthly newsletter, in that newsletter is a link to your blog.  She follows the link and starts reading your latest blog post.  Since your blog is part of your website, Suzie then clicks on the services page.  From there she looks in the top right of your website and sees social media icons.  Suzie clicks Facebook.  Recently you posted an Instagram photo that you shared to Facebook.  Suzie clicks on that image and finds herself on your Instagram page.

If you did it right, Suzie is consistently reminded that she is interacting with YOUR brand at every step of her digital journey.  You, as a brand manager for your business or blog, needs to make sure you have consistent branding across all of your accounts.

This has to do with:

  • Logo Placement
  • Perceived Brand Image
  • Colors, Fonts & Themes
  • Content – Taglines, Brand Voice, Messaging & Promotions

If you are working so hard to put your authentic self out there, you want to make sure your branding is working with and not against you.

Some questions to ask yourself about your digital brand:

  1. Does your website, blog, email campaigns and social media accounts, properly display your brand?
    • Do you use the same version of your logo?
    • Are you using a consistent website link?  In some cases like Twitter or Instagram you can only have one link.  Make sure you are using the right link for your marketing goals.
    • Are you including contact information and social media icons?
  2. Does your offline and online branding properly reflect one another?
    • Think about colors, fonts, brand messaging and current promotions.  Are they represented in both arenas?
  3. Are you using the same tone, brand voice and messaging on all your accounts?
  4. How about colors and fonts?  Are they properly reflected and consistent across all accounts in your social media realm?


If you are a larger organization most likely you have a style guide, or logo guideline that will aid with this.  If you are a smaller organization, it may make sense to create one.  This is as simple or as complex as you want the guide to be.  If anything write down and memorize the color codes (RGB or Hex) of the colors you use most often. 

Here are some more tips:


  • Put your logo and branding components (taglines, etc.), at the very top left or center of your website.  If possible, flank your social media icons on the top right.  We read left to right and top to bottom.  This is the first thing we see when we land on your page.  Also, viewers are trained to look top right for contact information and social media icons.

Email Marketing:

  • To & From Line – Who is it coming from?  Is it you or your brand name?  Are you using this consistently?
  • When viewers open the email is it clear it is from you?
  • Use the same header image.  You want your audience to grow comfortable with your emails and know they are coming from you.  Canva has a template for this and Constant Contact offers a website match service.  They will build a newsletter template for you that matches your website. Contact Me for more information.

Social Media:

  • Does your cover photos properly highlight your brand?  As I mentioned in “The Cover Photo Faux Pas You Are Making post, it is the one of the mistakes businesses and organizations make.  Make sure cover photos visually represent your brand and have one call-to-action.
  • What about your profile picture?  Remember when you comment, your profile picture and avatars show up next to your comments.  Make sure your thumbnail image is properly positioned and sized.  The profile picture should either be and image of you or your logo.

Be as in depth or as simple with this exercise as you want.  However, if you take only one thing away – remember to be consistent.  Don’t use a yellow graphic with Arial font and next time a purple graphic with Comic Sans font.

YOU need to train your audience with visual cues of what your brand is and how you want to be perceived. 

Think about Suzie, or insert your brand persona here.  Think about their online navigation.  Is it visually clear what brand they are interacting with, as they navigate your brand on and offline?

Digital Marketing Action Item:

Take these 20 tips, look at your digital accounts, make a list of areas to improve upon and get to work.  Canva is a great tool to help clean up your cover photos and other visual areas of your brand.

I would love to hear questions or areas you plan to improve upon with your digital brand.  Comment below.

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