3 Digital Media Trends for 2015

JOSB 3 Social Media Trends  For 2015 (1)

It seems lately just about every news outlet or social media influencer is predicting what the social media trends will be for 2015.  Here are 3 trends that I predict will make it big this year.

 1. Move to Mobile

These numbers will rise as cell phone usage become further integrated into our daily lives.  Marketers will be sure to position themselves to connect on a more personal level with these handheld devices.

Consumers will see more offers to download customized apps.  Example: Stop and Shop has a mobile app that allows you to create a list, preview past purchases, view weekly circulars, use your customer card, and even access a GPS feature, to seek gas station that accept their gas points.  I predict more businesses will jump on the mobile app trend to create an even stronger relationship with their audience.

2. Content Creation Becomes More Popular

Content Creation was the buzz word in the marketing industry for 2014.  Now it is coming to a small businesses level.  Business owners have much more control, options and unlimited access to digital media.

Owners have access to platforms for:

  • email marketing
  • social media
  • websites and blogs
  • advertising

They also have the tools.  Smart phones and tablets offer audio and recording functionality.  There are many content creation sites that help owners in creating content as well.  Two examples are Canva and PicMonkey.  Therefore tech savvy, small businesses won’t need to rely on marketing agency middlemen.  These owners can create and distribute their digital marketing content themselves if they choose.  For consumers, this shift in online marketing will create a much more personal environment to engage in.

3. Pay To Play 

The days of free advertising on social media for businesses are limited.  Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter  have purposely placed themselves between organizations and consumers.  Organizations must now pay to ensure message delivery.

For businesses, if you pay for delivery, your intended audience will receive the content to their newsfeed.  We have seen this with Facebook’s algorithm changes.  Organic posts (free advertising) insight numbers have decreased dramatically.  If you want those numbers to increase, you need to reach into your wallet.   Other platforms like Twitter, are setting up their sites in a way to serve ads for businesses and organizations as well.

These 3 trends are just a few of the driving forces in the industry at this particular moment.  As a consumer, you can expect more targeted advertising.  Business and organization will continue to find different ways to reach out to you, through mobile apps and customized content to serve your needs.  This will lead to unique online experiences for each individual.

josb 3 trends for 2015

Which of these trends do you think will have the most impact?  Or is there another trend that is the underdog, guaranteed to take the industry by storm?

Image sources: iClipArt and JO Social Branding Canva Creations