My 3 Go-To Blog Image Resources

Last week I talked about sizing your images, this week I want to take a step back and talk about where to source images for your blog.

I recently came across a blog post titled, “My Blogging Stumbling Block” by Megan from The Walker Fireside Chats, who shared that her blogging weakness lies in her photography skills – or lack thereof. She shouldn’t feel this way and here’s why.

There are many image sources available to use, making it impossible to create an image-free blog post. Even if you aren’t a great photographer there are resources to mask your weakness.

My blog would be bland if it were not for iClipArt, Canva and Instagram. Those are my 3 go-to blog image resources.

I use iClipArt for stock photos. I pay $56/year. However, you can buy different packages based on your specific needs. I justify the cost, because I create so much content, it just makes sense to pay for a resource library that is easy to navigate. Not many people I know use this tool, therefore there is less chance of images being overused by others. For instance, I have seen one photo-pin image used in at least 4 different blog posts. Not the bloggers’ fault, however, I would rather have my images be more original. You can also download fonts, sounds, web graphics and animations from this site as well. Here is just one example of an image you would find on this site:

iClipart sample

This is my flavor of the month. I cannot live without my Canva account. It is free to use but you do need to pay if you want additional features. The reason Canva is my favorite is because of its ease-of-use, ability to create the perfect size images for each social media platform, multiple customization options, easy tutorials emailed to you, and a quick download feature.

Canva example

It isn’t very often that I need a “real world photo” since I write about blogging and social media. However in those instances that I do need a picture of something tangible, I take a photo with my Instagram app and embed into my post. I LOVE Instagram because once you have put your photos through the “Instagram machine”, there is no such thing as a bad photo. By embedding your photo, you are creating a new channel from your blog to your Instagram account, to potentially gain new followers.

I created a Slideshare tutorial on how to embed your Instagram photos into your blog post. You can view it here:

Those are my blogging image secrets. What image sources do you use?

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Image Sources: iClipArt, JO Social Branding Canva Creation, Jeannine O’Neil Instagram.

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