3 Things to Do When Your Post Goes Viral

3 Things to Do When Your Post Goes Viral

When a post goes viral it is a very exciting thing and an extremely overwhelming one as well.

When you find the right message that resonates with your audience and
post it at the right time – magic can happen. 

But what do you do next?  Make the most of those 15 minutes of fame by gaining more visibility and taking your online marketing to the next level, when you find yourself trending in the news.

Here are 3 things to do when your post goes viral.


1.) Ride the Wave

Deliver more content that your audience wants to see while they are listening to you.  When I wrote a branding blog post about how our hometown star Angie Miller, the American Idol Finalist, made it through the first few rounds of auditions, my blog started getting a ton of traffic.  It turns out Angie found the post thanks to Twitter and shared with her 34K Twitter Followers (which scaled to 300K while she was on the show).  I had 3,000 views in one day, I knew I had a captive audience that wanted more Angie news.  I sought out other stories and spread them out every other day, to keep the audience engaged and visiting my blog more often.


2.) Interact With Your Fans

While people are commenting on your blog or social media post, make sure you speak back to them.  Engage and interact on EVERY comment they post.  Take the opportunity to build a relationship while these fans are stopping by and interacting on your page or account.  People want to do business and connect with other people.  You have an opportunity to converse and connect with potential new followers – do it.


3.) Convert to Friends 

If you are lucky enough to have a post “go viral” you want to make sure that you get your new friends to hang around for the long-term.  Whether you run a business or have a lifestyle blog let those contacts know what you are about and try to convert them to your own raving fans.  That may be asking them to like your page or sign up for your email list.

When my real estate client found their ceramic dog mascot was “dog napped” they took to their Facebook page to share the news and ask the community to look out for their statue and mascot.  Over 3 days and 3 posts, their fans shared the news 536 times and reached over 36,000 people.  This client only had 200 likes on the page at that time – so this was big opportunity for them.  Once the thieves returned the dog the audience was still listening.  So we put up a live video, thanking the audience for their help and asked them to like their Facebook page to stay up-to-date with Dottie (the dog) latest outfit changes.  This resulted in a 24% increase in followers to their page.


Planning a viral post is near impossible.  However, if it does happen you want to make sure you are ready.  Follow these 3 steps to help guiding you through the excitement when your post “goes viral.”