4 Email Marketing Resolutions You Need to Make This Year

With the New Year we find ourselves making resolutions, goals or promises to improve some aspect(s) of our lives.  But what about your business? Are you setting resolutions to make sure your business health improves as well? Here are 4 suggested email marketing resolutions for you to make, to improve your business in the coming year.

1. Be More Consistent

One of the key issues I see with email marketing is that it is so easy to fall behind and get off schedule.  Too often business owners do not have a plan in place and only create campaigns as they go, or when some grand idea inspires them.

If you take some time now to plan out your future email marketing, you’ll:

  • make better use of your time.
  • be more consistent with your marketing.
  • tighten up your brand and promotions so they sync together.
  • develop a stronger relationship with your contact list.

True Story:  I had a previous client who “turned off” their email marketing for 9 months. When they returned to sending emails, they had the biggest unsubscribe rate in their email history.  People hadn’t heard from them in a while and assumed it was spam, or were no longer interested in staying in touch.

JO Tip: Use a content calendar to plan. Make sure you think about any upcoming promotions, events, workshops, webinars as well as holidays.  It will be easier to plan out the email marketing content when you see it laid out before you in calendar format.  You could plan as short as 3 months or as long as 12 months.

Does this seem like a lot of work? Contact me to learn about JO Social Branding Designer Promotion Content Calendar Package.


2. Target Your Message

If you are taking valuable time of your day to create and send email marketing campaigns, you want to make sure the emails are working.  That is where targeted marketing comes into play. Even if it is a bit more work sending multiple emails to smaller segments of your list, you will make sure more leads and sales come in to your business. This is because the message resonates with that specific audience.

Break your list into segments, whether it is by demographic data, geographic data or specific products or services that you offer. By zeroing in on your audience and the message(s) that resonate with them, your unsubscribe rate will drop and your open and click-through rates will soar.


3. Increase Your Open Rate

If a low open rate has nagged you, make this the resolution you want to focus on this year.  You can attribute a low open rate to these 3 factors:

1. They don’t know who it is coming from.

Send from the most recognizable name whether it is you or your company. If there are more people in your organization, try to keep it limited to 2 – 3 email addresses that send out marketing emails on behalf of your organization.  You don’t want to overwhelm or confuse your audience.

2. You are sending at the wrong time.

You want to send your message when your audience is most likely to act on the offer.  A pizza delivery shop isn’t going to send an email in the morning. They will send an email in the afternoon or early evening, when their audience is thinking about what they are going to do for dinner.

I worked with a client whose target audience was teachers. They found sending emails on weekends and holiday vacations, were more successful than the emails sent during the week on afternoons or evenings

3. The subject line is not enticing enough.

There is a lot of noise in the inbox. You want to stand out from the others.  Have fun with your messaging.  Be witty, creative and talk directly to your audience.  There is nothing exciting about a subject line that says, “January Newsletter”.  Instead, try, “Did you hear our news?” or “Woops, the cat’s out of the bag…”.

These subject lines speak directly to the audience, have an air of mystery and do not give away too much information.  The subscriber must open the email to get the news.


4. Amplify Your Click Through Rate

Perhaps you have nailed the open rate but your click-through rate is not where you want it.  Here are a few tips:

  1. Make sure your email has a clear call to action. Button or hyperlink is fine.
  2. Have that button text underlined.
  3. Use the standard hyperlink color blue (if it works with your branding).
  4. Place the call to action closer to the top of the email.
  5. Do not overwhelm with too many calls to action.
  6. Finally, cut down the amount of content in your email. You really want the offer to stand out. Too much information will distract or overwhelm.  If you need to send multiple emails then do so.

A little focus on any of these suggestions can go a long way.  However, if you feel that two or more of these resolutions apply to you and you can’t choose where to start, you may be interested in my How to Rule the Inbox The JO Social Branding Email Marketing Overhaul Package. I will:

  • take an in-depth look at your previous email marketing
  • look for ways to improve your email marketing
  • sync it up to your current business goals and promotion calendar
  • train you on how to make better use of your time with email marketing

Finally, you will walk away with a roadmap to rule your customers’ inbox.  Interested? Learn more.


One last note, don’t feel deflated when it comes to email marketing. There are always multiple ways to improve your emails, more subscribers to add to your list and other emails to send.  Simply put: you are never done with your email marketing. By taking charge and trying to improve in key areas, that is how you will take charge and find success when it comes to email marketing.