JOSB 4 Tips to Boost Your SEO and Search Engine Ranking

4 Tips to Boost Your SEO and Search Engine Ranking

Are you looking to boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and rank better in search?

Who isn’t, right?  I have news for you,

SEO is easier than you think.

WARNING: I am not an expert in SEO.  I am sharing simple tactics I have learned over time that work for me.  I slowly added these 4 techniques to my marketing strategy and they helped tremendously with my search engine ranking.  Now I am sharing them with you.

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What is SEO? 

White Keyboard with SEO Button.This is an abridged version.  Your search ranking depends on search engines, like Google and Bing, and how they categorize your website so others can find you in search.  There are MANY factors that play into the algorithm of how your rank.

Search engines have robots, called “spiders” that visit your website and read your content.  The thing is, most owners don’t update their website consistently.  Why would they?  It is a one-and-done type of project.  Based on this logic, spiders don’t return that often.  This is where blogging helps your SEO.  By blogging more consistently you are posting fresh content to your site.  Your blog posts then acts as “spider food”.  They attract the spiders to return more often to read your content, scan the keywords and gain a better understanding of what you are about.  By enticing the spiders to return more frequently, your SEO will improve.


4 Tips to Boost Your SEO and Search Engine Ranking


Consistently blog or add new content to your website.

If you choose to blog more often, create an editorial calendar to keep you on track.  For about 6 months I blogged twice a week and noticed a surge in my SEO ranking.


Create a Google+ account and connect your blog.

Google is the number 1 search engine in the world.  Google+ is its social media platform of choice.  By playing the “Google game”, setting up an account and posting content, the search engine will reward you.  Every blog post I publish automatically publishes to my Google+ account.  The only task I needed to do was download Publicize, a WordPress plugin and connect my Google+ account.


Be consistent with your keywords. 

The more consistent you are with your descriptive words, the better chance you will be found in search for those terms.

Use the correct keywords in your:

  • Website content.
  • Blog posts.
  • Social media descriptions.  Yes, social media activity or “social signals” also help your SEO.
  • In your meta tags.


Use meta tags for your web pages and blog posts. 

Meta tags are hidden text that define your business or brand.  This is what the spiders look for.  You can hide meta tags in various places on your site.

  • In the tab title of pages.  Hover over your page tabs (see below) to reveal the meta tags assigned to your page.
  • On the footer of your website.
  • In your blog post.

There are WordPress Plugins that will help boost your SEO as well.  A popular SEO plugin is SEO by Yoast.

JOSB Tab & Meta Tag View


With a little time and dedication you can upgrade your ranking to the first page of search.

The key here is to have patience.  Similar to weight loss or exercise, the results cannot be seen right away.  If you are consistent with your blogging and update your website accordingly the results will reveal themselves over time.