4 Ways to Make Your Email Marketing More Personal

4 Ways to Make Your Email Marketing More Personal

Do you struggle with getting your email marketing messages opened, read and clicked? The problem may be in your delivery of content. Take a minute and think about your reader or subscriber. They have A LOT of email being sent to them everyday. You as a marketer are competing for attention in their inbox.


How do you stand out?

Make your email marketing more personal.


By taking a moment to build a relationship and connect with your audience, your online marketing will be much more successful in the long term. By being more personal you will:

  • stand out from competitors
  • gain attention in the inbox
  • increase open and click through rates with your email marketing
  • develop brand awareness
  • become trustworthy to your audience

There are 4 simple ways to make your email marketing more personal, let’s check them out.


1. Use “You” or “Your” in the subject line.

One of the first steps is to grab them with the subject line. By using words like “you” and “your” you are speaking directly to them. One of my emails that had the most opens was, “Did you hear the news”? By making it personal and throwing some mystery into the subject line, it enticed my audience to open the email to learn more – giving me a better chance to get my message across and have them click through on my special promotion.


2. Insert Greeting Tags or Name Code in Your Email.

Rather than diving into your content right away, insert a name or greeting tag at the beginning of your email or in the subject line.

Hello <name tag>, will appear to me as Hello Jeannine, 

This may even be seen as the secondary line of text when previewing in their inbox. Due to this reason, I wouldn’t use a name tag in a subject line AND in the body of your email. Pick one and use it well.

In January, I interviewed Amy Schmittaur of Savvy Sexy Social, and Amy spoke of talking to your audience as if you were having coffee with your friend. We were discussing ways to take the fear of video marketing and appearing natural on camera. The same method applies. Be personal, build the connection and have a conversation with your audience.

Episode 36 Learn to Vlog Like a Boss with Amy Schmittauer.


3. Be Relevant – Speak to a Need or Issue They Have.

Most people want to know “what is in it for me?” There is much noise in the online world and your subscriber’s attention is being pulled in many different directions. If you can solve an issue or a pain point for them, they will give you their attention that you desire. Just make sure you deliver.

Go back and read the title of this blog and the first sentence of this post. You will see what I mean.


4. List Segmentation

Let’s be honest, chances are the message you are sending to your audience isn’t going to appeal to your entire contact list. Also, there is a percentage of your subscribers that won’t even open or click in the email – and that’s okay.


What happens if you don’t send that email to your entire contact list?

What if you only send it to the people who are most likely going to open and click?

By taking the time to understand your audience, their needs and targeting a message to them, not only will your open and click through rates improve, but you will have a better chance of converting that message into a sale or donation.

I love this example often used by Constant Contact: A pet store owner isn’t going to send special dog offer in an email to the cat owners. The right marketer will collect the data upfront to find out what list they should be added to (dog, cat, bird owners, etc.) and then send specific emails to each list.

Tip: If you have already built your list and fear you need to start over, go back into your reporting and see where your audience is clicking and start segmenting those contacts to specific lists.


Remember, social media and email marketing is about being social. 


Take time to build the connection, be personal and have a conversation with your audience. The more you do this, the more likely they will come back for more. As we all know, people want to do business with people they know, like and trust. By building that connection and having those personal conversations, that is how you will turn your email marketing into a lead or sales generator.


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