5 Community Relations Goals to Set For Your Blog

I admit it, for a very long time I blogged in a silo. I wrote and published but didn’t interact much in the social media realm or blogging communities. I was testing the waters, getting my feet wet, discovering if this was going to stick. Once I felt comfortable with how my website and blog looked and developed a rhythm of writing, I started promoting and sharing posts on my social media channels. I found minimal interest on these websites. Maybe a few retweets here and there, but pretty much no one was finding my content.

I knew interaction and engaging with an audience was key.

My excuse was “I don’t have time”. I was working full-time, was a newlywed and blogging was a creative outlet for me. As I became more serious about blogging, I wanted those comments and that blog love too.

In my research, articles suggested interacting with others and engaging in blogging communities.

I always ignored this fact because it felt like it took too much time. How ignorant could I be? There are other bloggers in the same shoes, but they take the time to interact and engage with others. I wasn’t entirely rude, if someone commented I didn’t ignore them. Yet, I wasn’t being fair to other bloggers or my writing self either.

“Community relations” is the key to my current blogging success.

Finally, one day I accepted that nagging thought of interacting with others and joined BlogHer. Which was great because I found myself in a blogging atmosphere. Yet I was creating more work, having to copy and paste content from my blog to their platform. It was here, that I was bit by the “comment bug”. I wanted more. I sought out an easier way to bring traffic and comments to my blog.

I stepped up my game and joined a couple Facebook blogging groups.

I found fellow Bloggers, sharing their content and helping others’ to promote their content too. It took some time to find the right groups that were spam-free, with a valid blogging community that had goals that reflected my own. I have found a few that I am happy with and I am constantly testing other groups as well.

Then I had heard of “link parties” or “blog hops”.

Ultimately a blogger, or multiple bloggers host a party on their blog/website. They invite others to share their posts there. Typically there are rules about: the type of content you can share, following the co-hosts and commenting on other link up posts.

When I started participating in both the blogging groups and link parties, I saw a huge uptick in commenting on my website. Then one week in particular, I was extremely busy with my consulting and didn’t have the opportunity to interact as much. Guess what? The content went stale.

This proved to me just how important community relations is when it comes to blogging.

Here are 5 Community Relations Goals to Set For Your Blog:

1.) Be consistent with your writing – I blog twice a week. The benefit to this is that I always have new content to share. Also, when you develop a schedule, your followers expect the content.

2.) Interact in Facebook groups. I make a point to do this one to two times per week. It doesn’t seem right to share content and not engage with others. I spend time reading others’ content and then share my content as well. I try to always post a question in my group post to interact with the other bloggers.

3.) Engage in at least one link party a day. I admit these are a huge time warp for me. I want to read everyone’s posts, when there are over 200 that is impossible. So I limit the parties I attend, but make the most of my time in each one. If I find a post I like, I write a comment on their blog and follow them on the proper social media channels too.

4.) Always respond to comments when they are left for you. I even visit the websites of those who take the time to comment on my post and either write a response or connect with them on social media.

5.) Join Blogging communities. I mentioned BlogHer and most recently I joined International Blogging Association and SITS Girls too.

Those are my 5 tips on how to grow your blogging community.

Happy Blogging!

5 community relations tips for your blog - JO Social Branding

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