6 Perks of Attending the North Shore Social Media Day Mastermind Workshop

On Thursday, June 30 2016 I will be joining Heather Jackson, Regional Development Director at Constant Contact and Julia Campbell, President / CEO at J Campbell Social Marketing for the first ever North Shore Social Media Day Mastermind Workshop.

I have wanted to do a Social Media Day event since 2013, but the timing never worked out. This year I am happy to say the pieces fell together.  When I left my corporate position and returned full time to the freelance world, Julia took me under her wing.  At one point we teamed up to work together but realized our target audiences were very different.  We went our separate ways but remained connected and have supported one another ever since.

When I met Heather and became introduced to the Constant Contact Authorized Local Expert (ALE) Program, it was at a very important time in my business. I was just figuring out my identity and what I stood for.  Heather had 2 of her own businesses and was in the ALE Program (that I am now part of), prior to taking her position at Constant Contact.  Heather shared her knowledge of being an entrepreneur and her experience of the ALE program to help me figure out the direction I wanted to move into.

It is very clear if it wasn’t for these two and their guidance, JO Social Branding would not be what it is today. So I am thrilled to bring them together and present on the stage with them.

But let’s talk about what you will get out of this Mastermind Workshop


  • Opportunity of Growth – That is probably the biggest perk I could share about this event. As an attendee you can leverage our combined entrepreneurial and online marketing knowledge to help grow your business.
  • Limited Availability We are keeping this paid workshop to only 30 attendees. We want a small group that can benefit from each presenter’s knowledge.  We want to make this a true mastermind where everyone walks away with specific action items for their business or organization.
  • Almost 40 Years of Knowledge (Combined)This Mastermind Workshop is like hiring 3 marketing professionals (or a digital marketing agency team) to help you with your marketing. Together we have a combined knowledge of 39 years in the online marketing industry.
  • Varied TopicsYou will be learning about 3 topics that we all come in touch with as marketing professionals on a daily basis.  Facebook, Branding and Email List Growth.  How you market yourself and communicate to your audience is vital in online marketing.  Each session you will learn from the experts on specific marketing tips for each marketing platform and topic.
  • Case StudiesWe have each worked with business professionals and organizations like yourself. We have amazing case studies and stories to share of what has worked, and hasn’t worked for others.  Rather than go by trial and error, launch your marketing off their success.
  • Networking / Group Learning –  You will have the chance to get to know other marketing professionals like yourselves, who experience the same digital marketing struggles that you do. Use this opportunity to connect, network and learn together.

I hope these 6 perks are reasons enough to sign up today.  However if you need another reason, check out this live video Julia and I recently recorded at Independence Park in Beverly, MA. with sneak previews of what we will be talking about.



We hope to see you there!