6 Ways to Brainstorm Your Blog Name

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A few weeks back I wrote the post, How To Name Your Blog and I talked to the importance of choosing the right name for your blog.

The name you choose represents the identity of the blog. It is the first impression many people will have of your blog and your writing.

However, finding that right blog name isn’t as instantaneous as one may think. It takes time. If you are having issues tapping into your creative resources, as I did, there are a few exercises you can do to help you along the path to finding that perfect blog name. Here are 6 ways to brainstorm your blog name:

Mind map – Write down a central word tied to the topic you want to write about. Then spoke out similar words from there. For instance with PR-defied I could have written: “Public Relations” – “PR” – “Communication” – “Reputation” – “Buzz”, etc. If your blog has more than one topic, create multiple mind maps for each topic.

mind map example

Mashup – Try taking some of the words found in your Mind map exercise and putting them together. I would keep it to two words. Move them around, write the terms in different ways. Can you tweak the word to use a ‘c’ instead of ‘k’ to be quirky, and stand out? Are there other spellings of the word that you can play upon? Think outside of the box.

Word Cloud – Take to internet search and look for word cloud generators. You can either take the terms found in your Mind map, or write a faux blog post and import the text directly into the field. Seeing it differently may spark an idea.

Google Keyword Tool – Speaking of the internet, try using the Google Keyword Tool. Simply type in a word or phrase and the tool will generate similar keywords in connection. The tool also states how often those terms come up in search. In order to use this tool you need a Google AdWords account.

Talk With Others – Have a conversation and brainstorm with others. Discuss the topic of your blog, what you hope to accomplish, who your target audience is, and see where the conversation leads you.

Walk Away – If none of these work, walk away for a day or two and come back to these exercises with a fresh set of eyes. Inspiration will come, sometimes your thoughts need to percolate in the background for a while. Whatever you do, don’t stress. The right name will come to you eventually. It took me almost a month to come up with the name “PR-defied”.

Here is a fun visual recapping this post, feel free to save, pin or share this infographic.

6 Ways to Brainstrom Your Blog Name

Image Source: JO Social Branding Canva Creations

Hang in there and Happy Blogging!

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