9 Tips to Jump-Start Your Email Marketing

Two weeks ago I attended an email marketing and social media boot camp at the Constant Contact Headquarters in Waltham, MA.  The Director of Regional Development, Heather Jackson, provided a guided tutorial on how to use Constant Contact to enhance a business or blog’s email marketing. She also shared valuable tips and advice when it comes to building your newsletter campaigns. Here are 9 tips to jump-start your email marketing.

1.) Think About Branding. Make sure the template that you are using properly reflects your website. You are building a brand and your newsletter show be part of that brand.

2.) Use One Main Template. Create a main template then build on that. Let’s call the template you use A1. When it comes time to develop your second newsletter, make a copy of A1 and develop B2.  Now when you want to create your third campaign, do not create a copy of your latest newsletter (B2). Return to the original template (A1) and customize from there.

3.) Provide Value. Whatever content you choose to put into your newsletter, make sure it is valuable to your audience. Ask yourself, “Is this something that want to know?”

4.) Don’t Overindulge Your Audience. Each piece of content should have a picture, two sentences and a link directing them somewhere else, like your website, blog, etc. Provides snippets of information, not an entire story.

5.) Be Descriptive. Write a description for every image. This way if the image doesn’t load in a user’s email interface, the text will appear telling them what the image is of. If done correctly, descriptions can entice users to select “display all images” to view your email.

6.) Use Short Subject Lines. Create a short, succinct subject line that entices users to open the email. Pose a question or pair two subjects together that do not make sense unless they read your email.

7.) Customize Permission Reminders. Your email newsletter should have a permission reminder, “You signed up to receive X, if you wish to unsubscribe do so here.” Use this space, to let your personality show by writing a custom message.

8.) Have Your Sign Up Info Everywhere. Put the option to sign up everywhere you are touching your audience, website, email signature, social media, etc.

9.) Pre-Game With Word. Always write your content in word or another document platform and copy and paste over to your email platform and then format.

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9 Tips to Jump-Start Your Email Marketing - JO Social Branding