9 Tricks to Make Your Email Newsletter Go from WOW to POW

9 Tricks to Make Your Email Newsletter - JO Social Branding One of the best ways to stay in touch with your audience is with an email newsletter.  It is a fantastic way to stay fresh of mind, get your message delivered directly to your audiences’ inbox, develop relationships with your customers, and if you do it correctly, properly place your business or blog as an industry leader.

An email newsletter can achieve many things.  You can create a monthly publication that talks about the latest business news you have, you can share upcoming promotions, distribute your latest blog posts, and much, much more.

I use my newsletter as a way to stay in touch, but I also use it as a re-directional tool.  I like to share news that is happening in the digital media world.  However, I mainly use it to direct my readers to other areas of my “digital web”.  This includes my website, event calendar, blog, social media accounts, and even my Pinterest boards.  Every single newsletter item, includes a call-to-action to have the reader act in a specific manner.  Every single image, hyperlinks to another destination in my online network.

Then with my Reports, I can see which actions had the most activity, further build my relationship with my readers, and develop my newsletter as a robust marketing tool.  To learn more about newsletter reporting read my New Series Email Marketing Reports.

I figured I would share some insights you should think about when creating your email newsletter.

Here are 9 tips:

  1. A strong subject line.  You can ensure automatic delivery to their inbox but you need to ensure they open it.  How do you create appeal in just a few short words to get them to open it right now?  Ask yourself this question: “What would entice you to open the newsletter if delivered to your inbox?”  Put yourself in their shoes.
  2. Who is your newsletter coming from?  Is it directly from you, or is it your business email address?  Make it relatable.  Readers are more often likely to read an email that comes from a person rather than an organization.
  3. Your logo or branding.  When they open your email, is it clear who is sending the newsletter?  This should always be in the top, and preferably left or center of your header.  You want to capture their attention right away.
  4. Create alt text.  All images should have alternate text (alt text) behind the image.  You can do this when you upload the photo.  A short description of the image, informs the reader what is there, if the content doesn’t load properly.
  5. A clean layout.  You don’t want to overwhelm your audience with too many images or text.  Less is always more.  Especially if they are viewing your newsletter on a mobile device.  If you have a large amount of text, can you balance it out with separator lines or white space to make it seem less cluttered?
  6. Keep it simple.  Short sentences, that give a snapshot of what you need to get across.  Then direct them, with a text link or button, to another forum (website, blog, and article) to get the big picture.
  7. A way to contact you.  Yes they could reply to your newsletter.  Why not ask them to reach out and contact you?  Make it easy for them and welcoming, as if you want to hear their opinion.  Encourage engagement and build your relationship.
  8. Enable sharing buttons/ forward to a friend / social media icons.  Encourage readers to connect and share with their online network.
  9. Ask for a follow.  With items 7 & 8, it is okay to ask for a follow on a specific social media platform or ask them to share with their network.  Many have become immune to these icons and glaze over them.  A simple text prompt with re-engage and remind them to act in the manner you prefer.

An email newsletter is a powerful tool if used correctly.  Don’t over abuse it.  Don’t send more than one newsletter a week, unless your audience expects this.  If you can save information for another letter do so.  I deliver mine twice a month, but that was after I polled my audience, and most wanted bi-weekly updates.  This allows me to spread out my material, and deliver content consistently, without letting too much time go by until I am contacting them again.

Is there anything special you do with your email newsletter?  I would love to hear!  Please comment below.

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