A Spoonful of Blog Hits – How to Measure Your Blog

First thing I need to do with this post is explain I am NOT a numbers person. I typically hand the bill to someone else when we go out to dinner with a group. That being said, I know 1+1 = 2 and 5-4 = 1, so I am not completely hopeless. Oh and when shopping I definitely know how to figure out the discount.

It is these math basics that gets me through analytics of blogging and social media. I have heard many times,

 A spoonful of blog posts - JO Social Branding


Yes, as a blogger you are marketing. You are marketing yourself and your content to either attract readers, advertisers, sponsors or all of the above.

Therefore, you need to think about marketing when it comes to blogging.

The measuring comes in on the back-end of your blog. Every now and then, you should check to make sure you understand just what it is that your audience wants. Yes, you can hook up the Google Analytics code and discover all sorts of algorithms and graphs. Caution: This may make your head swirl.

I have a go-around. I check in every couple of weeks and investigate my blog site stats. I look for:

  • Which posts were most popular.
  • What day of the week I get the most hits.
  • Which pages have the most views.
  • Where my visitors are coming from.
  • And what search terms lead to my blog.

These basics reveal:

  • What type of content your audience responds to.
  • When and where they are most active.
  • What areas of your site are most popular.
  • You may discover a demographic you never thought you would appeal to.

The next step is to simply store this information in your brain. Come back a couple of weeks later and see if the stats remain the same. Now where can you grow? The third time you return you need to step up your game.

  • Are the results consistent or are their fluctuations?
  • Are you getting more hits on a Wednesday than a Friday? Post more on the popular day.
  • Is Twitter, Facebook or Google+ bringing the most traffic to your site? You should probably be investing more time on those platforms or testing out new methods on the platforms that aren’t performing as well.

You see. You don’t need to do hard math equations or stare at graphs that hurt your eyes to understand what is going on.

A spoonful of blog posts - JO Social Branding


If you like to live on the wild side or are less intimidated by numbers, then invest your time in Google Analytics, they even have videos to help you understand the tool.

Remember in order to market you need to measure. When you feel ready to take it to the next level set goals for yourself. X number of hits/month or Y number of new visitors. Challenge yourself and your blog will benefit immensely.

Happy Blogging!