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Are you considering advertising with JO Social Branding? I am looking to partner with you to promote your brand, business, product or blog!

JO Social Branding, is a consulting business that educates business owners & individuals on the ways to make the best use of their social media marketing.

Through the JO Social Branding Blog, I have positioned myself as a thought leader in the social media marketing industry and blogging world. In addition, I have been featured on Blogher and the International Blogging Association.

A recent claim to fame was the blogging and social media coverage of Angie Miller, the Beverly, MA teenager, who placed top 3 in 2013 on American Idol. I became the local blogging and social media expert on the pop star. While covering the local-turned-national news story, I garnered over 25,000 blog views.

A little background:
My part-time blogging started in January 2012 with PR-defied. This blog analyzed news stories from a PR perspective. In July 2013, I launched my website JO Social Branding and transferred the PR-defied posts over to my new blogging platform.

Here is a breakdown of my yearly blogging numbers from the PR-defied & JO Social Branding blogs.


I am currently offering partnership opportunities in the following areas:

Sponsored Posts
Sidebar Advertising
Bottom of Post Advertising

By partnering with me, you will be reaching: (Last Updated 4/2/15)

43,901 Pageviews
9,000+ Slideshare Views
1,550+ Twitter Followers
700+ Google+ Followers & 19,800+ Views
650+ Instagram Followers
570+ LinkedIn Followers
400+ Pinterest Followers
350+ Email/Newsletter Subscribers
270+ Facebook Followers

Interested in teaming up? Let me know how you’d like to collaborate! For more information, please contact me at

**All ads and collaborations must fit with the JO Social Branding Blog and will be reviewed prior to publication.**

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