JO Social Branding April 2015 EMAIL MARKETING REPORT

April 2015 Email Marketing Report

It is Email Marketing Report time!  With the March Email Marketing Report, I revealed that I wanted to have a stronger focus on delivering valuable content that would boost my click-through-rate.  I planned to analyze the type of content to see what was more attractive to my subscribers; type of content (article, video, guided tutorial) v.s. subject (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).  I also wanted to monitor my unsubscribe rate.  You will see that my testing of topics, had a ripple effect with my open rate numbers.

*After the last report I changed the Industry in my Constant Contact Settings to properly represent my industry numbers.  Prior to this it was set to Consulting/Training it is now set to Marketing/Advertising.  In the reporting graph below you will see New vs Old Industry averages.  In the future I will just be reporting on the New Industry average, but wanted to show the shift in percentages.


Newsletter Title: SURPRISE Facebook News Feed Changes
Topic: Social Media News & Resources
Date Sent: May 4, 2015
Time Sent: 11:30 AM

JO Social Branding April Email Reporting Numbers

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My Report: 

JO Social Branding Email Marketing Report

How to read this:
This Newsletter Numbers are actually numbers of emails opened etc.
The Newsletter % is the Newsletter Numbers viewed as a percentage for this email.
My Average: Based on the reporting of past emails.
Industry Average: Based on Constant Contact Reporting for the specific industry.
Green = On target or exceeded My Average.
Red = Lacking with My Average or Industry Average.
Yellow = No change from previous report.

The major jump with this email newsletter compared to ones in the past was a 4% jump in Unique Opens.  I went from 39% to 42%.  (Ironically I am still below my personal best of 46%).  This surge has to do with the catching subject line.  As I tested out the type of content subscribers wanted to read more of, it became very obvious that Facebook was the major platform that attracted the most interest.

Out of the 22 individuals who clicked links, here were the top 5 most popular type of content vs subject:

  • 31 clicks – Facebook articles
  • 18 clicks – Other Social Media Industry Articles
  • 10 – JO Social Branding Blog Post (Email Marketing)
  • 9 – SlideShare Presentation (Email Marketing)
  • 7 – JO Social Branding Facebook link

Naturally, since Facebook is such a popular topic I wanted to include that in my subject line, “SURPRISE Facebook News Feed Changes”.  The topic and the all caps led to a much higher open rate.

With the industry average adjustment you will see that my “Did not open rate” is much better than the average.  This shows that 58% of my subscribers did not open emails compared to the industry average of 86%.

I also stated I would keep an eye on the unsubscribe numbers.  I added 40 new contacts and had 1 unsubscribe.  This kept my average the same at 1%, which I am happy with.

Could Be Better
Even though it is good and listed above, my open rate is still need to be something I focus on. It is high compared to the industry average, but low for my own average.

I also still struggle with the increasing my click-through percentage.  Even though it is 14%, I am still reaching for my personal best of 22%.  I should also share my average numbers are high because I do not just use my Constant Contact account for just ‘Social Eyes’ newsletters.  I also send event invites, follow up emails to event attendees and surveys as well.  These numbers all play a role in my average.  Therefore if I have 20 people attend an event and 10 open the email, that gives me a 50% Open Rate which is factored into my average.

My Takeaways:
I plan to continue to focus on the click-through-rates and deliver more quality content to strive to reach my current average of 22%.

Until next time!


Don’t compare your percentage numbers to mine.  The best way to increase those numbers is to measure against yourself and to test new techniques.  It is different for everyone.  Learn from me (mistakes and all) to help you grow your email marketing.  Or contact me for an audit/strategy session (shameless plug).


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