As The Social Media World Turns

Some people dread change, others accept it with open arms. However, if you are a social media user you don’t have much choice. You better be on board & ready to hit “Update All” on your mobile & tablets devices. Social media is ever-changing as each platform tweaks and alternates settings to adjust their strategy & keep up with the competition. Here are some updates that have recently rocked the social media world.

The social media giant just purchased Oculus an “immersive virtual reality technology” in March 2014. A smart move by Facebook, the company who has first-hand knowledge of the value in social gaming. Candy Crush, one of the most popular social games on Facebook, reported making $850,000/day back in September 2013. (EOnline) “Mobile is the platform of today, and now we’re also getting ready for the platforms of tomorrow,” said Facebook founder & CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. “Oculus has the chance to create the most social platform ever, and change the way we work, play and communicate.” (Facebook Newsroom)

The micro-blogging platform is making sweet harmonies. Music is a hot topic and Twitter has teamed up with Billboard to create a tracking chart to show which musical content is most popular. The chart will live on and will be easy to share through social media. Twitter states, “Our goal with these efforts is to give artists who share songs and engage with their audience on Twitter a way to get noticed by even more fans, other musicians and industry decision-makers in real-time.” (Twitter Blog) Sounds like beautiful harmony to me.

One of LinkedIn’s best features is showing how you are connected with other users. The latest update shows how your connections are associated with one another. For example, there is a 2nd connection that you wish to link to. You have three 1st connections that are already “LinkedIn” to that contact. “How You’re Connected” shows the relationships between your prospect and your 3 connections. Allowing you to find the perfect contact to introduce you to your prospect.

Google is known for its extensive Google Analytics data. Google+ made it easier to see how often your profile and photos are viewed, by having the number of views associated directly with your profile and photos. ( A great and stress-free way to see which type of content is most popular. Now if all analytics could be as easy to decipher.

The video platform has talked about a new streaming music service for some time. Originally set to launch in December 2013, we are still waiting for this paid-subscription service to liftoff. Reports state the service is delayed because they want to “do it right” and iron out the kinks. ( Much speculation has surrounded this update, the main one being that YouTube has been a free service for a long time and they do not wish to upset their users.

This popular photo-sharing app is known for its customization features and just gave users a little more power with the “Lux” tool. Before users could choose to either enhance the lightness or darkness of an image or not. The Lux update is a slider feature allowing mobile users to choose the degree of lightness/darkness which they prefer. (

What is the latest news for Vine, the video-messaging app owned by Twitter? Now you can send private messages in the form of videos to your phone contacts – to those who have Vine or do not. You can also send one video to multiple contacts however, it is a one-to-on conversation. Finally, users have the option to customize their profile in different colors. (

There hasn’t been much activity on Pinterest since December 2013 when they announced to users unlimited secret boards. However, the photo-sharing website and app has been very busy rolling out its international platform. In the past month Pinterest has announced its presence in 8 locales including – Vietnam and Malaysia. (Pinterest Blog)