August 2015 JO Social Branding Email Marketing Report

August 2015 Email Marketing Report

I set a large goal for myself in the July 2015 Email Marketing Report.  That goal was to have all green categories in my industry report.  This means I would need perfection in every category.  I knew that was a steep goal, but I figured it would be fun to see how close I could get to it if I really focused.  With the July 27, 2015 email campaign I came very close – much closer than I ever anticipated.

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Newsletter Title:  Head Spinning Video Marketing News – 360 Degrees {Videos} & More!
Topic: Social Media News & Resources
Date Sent: July 27, 2015
Time Sent: 11:35 AM

August 2015 Email Marketing Report JO Social Branding

To understand the various reporting terms, click here to view the definitions.

My Report:

August 2015 Email Marketing My Report JO Social Branding









How to read this:

This Newsletter Numbers are actually numbers of emails opened etc.
The Newsletter % is the Newsletter Numbers viewed as a percentage for this email.
My Average: Based on the reporting of past emails.
Industry Average: Based on Constant Contact Reporting for the specific industry.
Green = On target or exceeded My Average.
Red = Lacking with My Average or Industry Average.
Yellow = No change from previous report.

Typically this is the part of my post that I reflect on the numbers and share some insight on the newsletter.  I want to change it up and take a look at the big picture.  These tips can also be used for other marketing campaigns too.

Have you heard the phrase, “If you are not measuring you are not marketing”?  If you don’t have something to compare against it is difficult to gauge success.  In order to do this the first step is to set goals for yourself to measure against.  With these email marketing report, I have two; the industry average and my average found within my Constant Contact Reporting tab.

The next tip is to keep an eye on the reporting numbers.  Look for discrepancies and areas to improve upon.  Focus your goals there and slowly try to improve the entire picture one step at a time  This strategy will help you better understand your audience, what type of content they like, and your own strengths and weaknesses.  By using this method, your marketing becomes less of a guessing game and more about facts.

By using this technique you will see month-over-month, you will begin to hone in your marketing.  With this last newsletter I managed to raise my average in the Sent and Opened Categories by 1%.  I dropped my Bounced Email and Did Not Open Rates by 1% as well.

I also want to share that even though I became so close to achieving my goal, I will have the same battle for future campaigns.

You need to be vigilant with your email marketing and try to make every campaign better than the one before.

My next newsletter goal is to increase my click-through rate to 14%, or double the industry average of 7.10%.

I want to hear from you has your email marketing improved with this email marketing series?  Let me know in the comments below.

Don’t compare your percentage numbers to mine.  The best way to increase those numbers is to measure against yourself and to test new techniques.  It is different for everyone.  Learn from me (mistakes and all) to help you grow your email marketing.  Or contact me for an audit/strategy session (shameless plug).

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