Blogging Math 101

I was just as surprised, as you are reading this, when I had to break out my math skills for a blog post. Blogging math is real… but it doesn’t need to be scary. This post will help you through the often painful image re-size process.

Blogging Math 101_infographic

Are you like me and you have yet to get the latest photo editing software? I love Canva and use that website to create most of my infographics. I also have a paid subscription through iClipArt and use that resource as well for blog images. But what happens when you upload the images into WordPress, or any other blogging platform for that matter? Often you are given 3 to 4 size options for those images for your post – and that is it.

I have a secret for you. You don’t have to be limited in the size of your image!

You can choose the size you want and you don’t need a fancy editing software to accomplish it, AND the image won’t be distorted!

Yes, you can go into Paint and re-size, but then you have to save and re-upload the image again. Why create extra work for yourself?

This simple math equation allows you to re-size the image in the blog post! Crazy, I know! It is going to make your life so much easier. (Shout out to my 3rd grade math teacher, Ms. Egan, you were right, I guess we do use math in everyday life.)

We are going to use the image below from my Pinterest Quote board.

When I uploaded the image (493 x 476 pixels), the upload size options given to me from WordPress are:

150 x 150
Dream is Free Hustle Sold Seperately

300 x 289
Dream is Free Hustle Sold Seperately

493 x 476
Dream is Free Hustle Sold Seperately

What if I want my image to fit perfectly in my menu side bar and have a fixed width? Or what if I want the width to match that of another image I have uploaded?

First, figure out which number represents width and height. It is tough to tell but this particular image is wider than its height.

We want to downsize the image to have a width of 350 pixels. Here is the math problem:

If width is 493, height is 476, and we want to size the image down so the width is 350 then height is unknown – or “x”. In this case you would set the equation up like this:

blogging math example

Then cross multiply…

blogging math example 2

blogging math example 2.5

Divide each side to get “x” by itself. In this case we divide each side by 493.

blogging math 2.5

blogging math example 3

Round up.

blogging math example 4

Go into the code and change out the numbers, 493 would be changed to 350 and 476 to 338.

blogging math 5 example

Here is the image re-sized to our liking.

Dream is Free Hustle Sold Seperately

There it is! Easy and simple math to help you re-size your blog image in the blink of an eye!

Happy Blogging!

Image Sources: JO Social Branding Canva Creations & Pinterest Image from K. Holt

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