Blogging Tip – How To Hyperlink Blog Categories

How To Hyperlink Blog Categories - JO Social Branding


Did you know that I secretly built a blogging resource library on this site? I wanted to create a place my friends could visit to easily access the posts and resources I have collected regarding blogging and social media topics. While I was building the Resource Page I discovered a new blogging trick I wanted to share.

How to hyperlink blog categories.

Before I explain the process of hyperlinking categories, I want to explain how important categorizing is in the formatting process. After you write your blog post and before you hit publish, there are some back-end tasks you need to carry out. You can categorize blog posts by using specific keywords, to define your posts, you create a resource library of your own.

If a reader found interest in my post “Instagram: Bio? What Bio?” on why business owners need to pay attention to this section of their account, they could simply click on the “Instagram” or “Branding” category links to find more posts on those specific topics. It is also a good idea to have a category drop down in your blog/website menu as well.

However, what if you want to create a page for each category or reference specific categories in a post? How do you link to all of those posts? It is pretty simple in WordPress.

You need to have two browser windows open: One browser for the page/post you are creating and the second browser to your website/blog with your category listing. For me it is in the sidebar of my website.

1.) In your first draft screen, highlight the word(s) that you want to hyperlink.

2.) Choose the link button.

hyperlinking blog post example JO Social Branding

3.) Flip to the other browser window and seek out the specific category you want to hyperlink.

Hyperlinking Blog Post Example 2 - JO Social Branding

4.) Once the page appears with the blog category listing, copy the URL. For me it looks like this:

5.) Return to your draft view, paste the link in the URL field and select, “Open link in a new window/tab.”

You are all set!

Side Note: Here I am showing how to hyperlink in a blog post, however it is very simple to create a new menu tab or custom hyperlink in your sidebar. The main point is knowing how to find the correct URL and then pasting in the appropriate place.

Happy Blogging! Don’t forget to check out my new Resource Page with tons of information on blogging and social media!