Brand Yourself – Instagram

In Tuesday’s post titled “Brand Yourself” I talked about taking hold of your social brand and using your social media accounts to define you. Now I am going to discuss how you can hone in on your “digital footprint” and put your best foot forward. I am going to focus this post on Instagram.

Instagram gives the world a visual “snapshot” of who you are. Whether you realize it or not, you are sharing images of content that inspires you, and in turn says something about your personality. If privacy is a concern you can set your profile to private and only the followers you accept will see the content that you post.

If you are a business with a visual product(s), it is a social media tool that you MUST have. Besides sharing content and finding your audience base, you can perform consumer research and check out who your followers are and what they like. There currently are no restrictions on businesses using this platform.

For a small business owner or even an individual, Instagram is a great way to let your personality shine. It is just a matter of flicking on the switch in your brain to share the right content. I try to balance my personal and business posts. However they tend to lean more towards the personal/getting to know me side.

If you plan to use Instagram to enhance your social media brand. Ask these questions before you post:

  • What is the intent behind this post?
  • What am I trying to say?
  • What will my audience take from this?
  • Will this help or hinder my branding?
  • If you continue this practice, every time you post to Instagram, you will slowly begin to create an Instagram presence that bolsters your brand.

    Let’s look at my Instagram @jeannineoneil to see what my digital presence says about me. Or you can view the samples below. To view the captions, click on the “View In Instagram” option in the top right corner of each image. Make sure you answer the question at the end of this post!

    Activity / Day In My Life

    Personal – Get to Know Me

    Letting My Personality / Humor Show


    Business Focused

    So tell me. After seeing my snapshot what does my Instagram presence reveals about me and my social brand? Please leave your opinion in the comment section below!

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