Building Your Digital Brand

Have you heard the saying, “What a tangled web we weave”? Did you know that it can apply to your digital brand AND it doesn’t have to?

When I consult with businesses the first thing I do is check out their digital footprint. Yup I cyber stalk them. Then I look at their bio to see where they are driving traffic. You bio should have your website or blog URL listed.

This is important in developing your digital brand. Your website/blog should be the center of all your digital activity. Think of a spider web. Everything spokes out from the center. The purpose of a spider web is to catch visitors. Whether they find you on Instagram and then are directed to your website or visit your website and discover your social media accounts. Since your website is the hub, it has all your social media accounts listed. Right?

social media web

Access to you brand can flow two ways, in and out of the web.

social media web_2

Make sure your digital ‘web’ is set up perfectly to catch those guests.

What You Can Do: Perform a social media audit of your brand now.

What are the link(s) that you are using on your social media accounts? Are they consistent? If not change them. Then go to your website and make sure that directs users to your social media accounts. Make it easy on your guests. You want to lock them into your web…I mean Digital Brand.

Remember, the longer they are in your web, the less time they spend in a competitor’s web.