Businesses – Why Do You Have Facebook?

Facebook Icon If you answered, “because everyone else has it and I need to keep up with the times” or “a younger family member told me I need to ‘get online’”, then I am sorry but you have a long road ahead of you. As a business, social media is more than status updates – it is about building relationships and connecting with your audience. It is about creating engaging content and having conversations with your fans.

Here are 6 tips to get you back on track:
1.) Define your purpose. The first thing you need to do as a business is define the purpose of this tool. Do you want to increase your following, connect with your audience or expand your reach? Once you know the purpose then you can position yourself in a way to reach that goal.

2.) Set Your Goal.
This helps you create a roadmap of where you want to be and gives you a sense of direction. “I want to increase my following by 15% every month.” You have your goal, now go achieve it. In order to do this you need to create engaging content.

3.) Create Engaging Content. This is the mistake many businesses make: “I have a personal Facebook account, what is so different about having one for my business?” There is a HUGE difference. On your personal profile, you talk about you. As a business page you need to find ways to get your audience to speak with you. The key is to make your content relatable and to show the personality of your business.

4.) Update Consistently.
The more content you provide, the higher chance you have of your fans sharing your content. Don’t overload your audience. Three posts/day that are spread out evenly, is a good model to test.

5.) Monitor Your Engagement.
You will start to see certain content that has more likes and conversations surrounding it. Make a mental note. This is the content your audience is hungry for. Feed them! You will see trends appear as you test the content waters.

6.) Benchmark. Create a monitoring system to make sure you are achieving your goal. For instance, each month write down how many fans you have. Are you reaching that 15% goal that you set? If so, great, now set a new goal. If not, what can you adjust to make sure you reach the goal next month?

Recently, I taught Facebook Part 1 & 2 at North Shore Community College. Here is the purpose of Facebook for Business slide I shared with both classes. If you click the image you will be directed to the class PowerPoint presentation. Facebook Slide

As a Social Media Consultant I empower small business owners to take hold of their social media and make it work for them. For each step above, I have more tricks up my sleeve. Want to learn more about each step? Contact me to schedule a time and we will start the process of managing your social media and making your life easier.