Hair Envee Salon Case Study Part 1 Cover Photo

Case Study Hair Envee Salon Part 1: Salon Branding

Client: Hair Envee Salon 


My friend Liz, announced on Facebook that she was leaving her place of employment to open her own hair studio called “Hair Envee Salon”.  As a fellow entrepreneur and business owner I was really excited for her.  There is no greater satisfaction than launching your own business and feeling the direct benefits.  I also know how scary and sometimes isolating it is – especially in the beginning.  I decided to reach out and offer some support.  Liz had a lot on her mind from:

  • getting settled in her new space.
  • contacting her loyal clients and letting them know of her latest news.
  • learning how to run her own a business.
  • attracting new customers to her location.

I offered to take some marketing off her hands.


The main obstacle I found with Hair Envee Salon was that Liz had an inconsistent brand image.  She had launched a website and had set up a Facebook page and Instagram account.  Liz was posting pictures of her new space and creating Zazzle promotions that she was sharing on her Facebook page.  She was also posting before and after shots of her clients on Instagram.  Finally, Liz had previous experience with Groupon and had posted some specials over there as well.

The Hair Envee studio perfectly represented her personality: fun, bright and upbeat.  From a light box that said “Hello Gorgeous!” to a zebra print chair and her signature aqua wall, it screamed this is a fun place to get your hair done.

Hair Envee Salon Studio

However, Liz’s starter business cards and marketing promotions were brown and gold.

Hair Envee Salon Marketing

They were very elegant but not the same feel as when someone walked into her salon.  The only consistency between the studio and her print marketing, was the cursive font she used for her logo.

Liz did a great job with setting up her website, but her logo wasn’t present at all.

Hair Envee Salong Website Website Pre Welcome Page



We needed to bring her brand together and create one consistent image reflected across all her accounts. When customers moved from her website, to Facebook to Instagram, we wanted them to know they were in the right place.

I knew the logo was the key to her brand.   

Creating the Hair Envee Brand

I asked Liz if she could send me the file of the logo used on her wall.  She told me that a friend of the family projected one of her Zazzle marketing pieces on the wall and hand-painted it.

The first thing I did was get my hands on the logo file.  I found and downloaded the font file.  I then went to the image creation tool Canva and created four logo versions for her:

  • White background with black text
  • Black background with white text
  • Black background with a cream-colored text
  • Transparent background with black text

I sent the image to Liz who uploaded it to her website.

Hair Envee Salon Website Post

Then I launched Canva and created a profile picture for both her Facebook and Instagram accounts. The profile picture she was using was a picture of her name and studio number above the door.  Using Canva we updated the image to properly fit her new branded logo.

Before and after Hair Envee Salon Profile Pic

We chose the black background with the white text so it would match the Facebook cover photo she was using of her studio space.  We also adjusted the cover photo slightly to make sure the logo on her wall was properly highlighted.


Facebook Account Before:

Hair Envee Facebook Cover Photo Before


Facebook Account After:

Hair Envee Facebook Cover Photo

Liz also hired a sign company to put the logo on her front door as well, creating a stronger brand presence.


Next Liz started using PicCollage App for her marketing promotions.  Rather than pay for Zazzle, the app gave her more flexibility with her branding and didn’t cost her a dime.  (Learn more about this and her social media posting strategy in Part 2 coming soon).  

Hair Envee Salon Before and After social media promo

When it was time for Liz to reorder her business cards she used an aqua, black and white Zazzle template with her new logo.  She immediately was given compliments on how much nicer her cards were.  A few customers shared that her old cards blended into the background and were harder to read, while the news ones stood out more.

Hair Envee Salon Business Cards


Case Study Recap: Lessons Learned 

As you can see with just a few tweaks, we dramatically revamped the Hair Envee Salon online brand.  By using Liz’s new logo consistently and using tools like Canva and Pic Collage, we helped Liz quickly and efficiently upgrade her brand and create a consistent online presence.

What we did:

  • Created her custom logo.
  • Uploaded her logo on her website.
  • Updated her Facebook and Instagram profile pictures with new image.
  • Adjusted her Facebook cover photo to highlight her logo.
  • Reprinted her business cards to represent her new logo and brand colors.
  • Eliminated the Zazzle promotions and started using the PicCollage App.
  • Created a custom door decal welcoming new customers to her salon studio.

By making sure her logo was front and center on all her accounts, there was no doubt as customers moved through her online brand that they were in the right place.


Up Next:

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this Hair Envee Case Study of how Liz used a unique social media posting strategy to triple her organic reach.  Then in Part 3 we will discuss how she used email marketing to stay engaged, connected and rewarded her VIP customers.


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