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Case Study Hair Envee Salon Part 2: Social Media Strategy

Client: Hair Envee Salon 


In my last Hair Envee Salon Case Study Post, I talked about how a few simple tweaks to the salon’s digital branding revamped the entire online brand.  By creating a logo and consistently putting it everywhere, Liz the Owner made it very clear that when people visited her website, social media and even email marketing, that they were in the right place.  The next phase in helping Liz with her digital marketing was her social media strategy.


Being a Salon Owner who was on the go, Liz was snapping pictures during the day and sharing them to her Facebook account when she could.  Then Liz would post the same picture to her Hair Envee Salon Facebook Business Page.  Without knowing it Liz was making more work for herself and negatively impacting her Facebook Insights and reporting numbers.


I told Liz to first share the post to the Hair Envee Salon Facebook Page and then share that post to her personal account.  By implementing this new process Liz managed to increase her Facebook reach and engagement rates dramatically.

You can simply look at her Facebook Insights data and see when she changed her posting strategy (on February 17th).  Hair Envee Salon had 250 Facebook page likes when she switched her posting strategy.



Average Reach: (those who saw her post on her Facebook Page) – mid-80’s.

Engagement Rate: (those clicking, commenting and sharing her posts) 0 to 1%.



Average Reach: 200

Engagement Rate: 6% to 7%

This increase in reach and engagement also managed to increase Hair Envee Salon’s total page likes to 266 in just a short time.


One other note:

Liz did not have to pay to increase her reach.  As a matter fact she only “boosted” one post during that time.  That was because Liz saw that it was doing exceptionally well and wanted to give it an extra boost.  That particular post from February 28 reached 754 people with an engagement rate of 15%. However 460 of the 754 was organic, unpaid reach.


Let’s take a look at the numbers in chart format

Page Likes (Increase):

Here is a just under a month view of the Hair Envee Salon Facebook Page Insights.  You can see when Liz started her new posting strategy that her Facebook page likes steadily increased.
Hair Envee Salon Case Study Social Media 1


Facebook Reach (Before and After) 2/13 – 2/28:

Due to the chronological view you will need to scroll down to the second image below.  You will see reach (orange) grow steadily and dramatically on/after February 17th.

Hair Envee Salon Case Study Social Media 4Hair Envee Salon Case Study Social Media 3


Facebook Engagement (Before and After) 2/13 – 2/28

Same as above you need to scroll to the second image to see the before numbers.  Marked in purple is the engagement rate.  Hair Envee Salon never dipped below 3% with her new posting strategy.  Click here to learn how to turn on the engagement rate like the view below.

Hair Envee Salon Case Study Social Media 6

Hair Envee Salon Case Study Social Media 5


Paid Boosted Post:

Finally, I wanted to show you just how well Liz’s “Boosted Post” did.  By keeping an eye on her numbers, she was able to see that this post was more special than the rest and viewers were responding more than usual.  If those Page Fans liked it that much, there was a good chance that Non-Fans would like it as well.   This is a great way to touch your potential audience and try to convert new Fans.  If you scroll to the Page Likes image at the top of this post, you can find how this tactic helped Liz acquire even more Facebook Page Likes, when she posted on February 28th.

Hair Envee Salon Case Study Social Media 7

Case Study Recap:

These simple tweaks in her social media posting strategy helped Liz:

  • save time from posting twice.
  • extended her organic reach and engagement rates dramatically – 2X to 3X more in a short period.
  • hone in on what content her audience preferred and delivered that content more consistently.
  • save money from trying to pay to get more reach, engagement and page likes.

Also, by posting more content and having a wider reach it led to more organic page likes as well.

Lessons Learned:

This strategy may not work for everyone. It is important to value your relationship with your personal contacts and not overload them with business news. However, your personal network wants to see you succeed too.  There is a fine balance when it comes to sharing your business news to your personal page. Lucky for Liz she has a very supportive and active Facebook community.

Keeping an eye on your insights and reporting numbers.  These will educate you on what is or isn’t working with your social media audience.  It may take sometime, but trends will appear.  From there make slight tweaks, like Liz did with her posting strategy, for big results.


Be courageous.  Don’t be afraid to try something new.

Liz actually boosted the February 28th post all on her own, because she trusted her gut and wasn’t afraid to give it a try.

Up Next:

Stay tuned for Part 3 where we will discuss how Liz used email marketing for Hair Envee Salon to stay engaged, connected and reward her VIP customers.