Case Study: Linkouture – Linking the Pieces Together

Lately I have focused more of my blog content on digital marketing strategy.  I have also been incorporating more case studies into my writing.  Now is the time to merge the two.  Here is a real-life case study on a well-executed digital marketing plan from my fellow entrepreneur friend, Bev at Linkouture.

Linkouture logo

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Linkouture is an online, chainmaille jewelry business that Bev, owner and designer, launched in 2011.  She shares, “To me, the process of starting with a pile of rings and weaving them together to create a piece of wearable art is incredible.

Bev has a beautiful tale of how she came to launch Linkouture and I will leave it to her to share her story.  Along with featuring her creations and having an online store on her website, Bev also has a lifestyle blog on the site as well.  She does a fantastic job of balancing her blog content.  Bev accomplishes this by sharing posts that highlight her personality, feature her custom-made jewelry, and give a sneak peek into her life as a young, working wife and mother.

Why would a jeweler have a lifestyle blog?  It’s brilliant actually.

In, “Email Marketing Love Notes: Dating In the Business World“, I spoke of the importance of connecting with your audience and building a trusting relationship with them.  You may recall me saying,

“As a business owner, you want your audience to feel they know you, they trust you and when it comes time to buy a product or service – that it is yours.”

Bev executes this perfectly in her blog.  By reading her blog, you connect with her and learn more about who she is, as a self-employed, creative, small business owner.  You see her handiwork and hard work displayed throughout her content.  Her posts help build a solid relationship with her customers.  Even though she primarily operates online, you connect with her through her writing and storytelling.  Ideally, it is the online equivalent of going to that small jewelry store down the street and talking to the owner in person.  She is building trust, thought leadership and highlighting her pieces.  Hopefully, when it comes time to buy custom jewelry – online, you would buy from her, thanks to the unique connection she has made through the website and blog.

Recently, Bev had a post go viral.  Unbeknownst to her, someone shared her DIY How to make tiny heart post earrings on StumbleUpon.

Linkoture how-to-make-hear-post-earrings
In a few days, the traffic to her website soared, quickly doubling her monthly page views.  There are a few things one can learn from her strategy behind writing this post, and what made it go viral.  Let’s take a look.

Bev wrote the post on January 29, two weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day.

Issue / Resolution
Along with the perfect timing of the piece, it is around this time that many are starting to think of what to give their Valentine.  Bev resolves their issue in three ways:

1.) Giving them a gift idea

2.) to either make earrings

3.) or the option to buy from her Etsy store.

Guided Tutorial
Along with highlighting the heart-shaped earrings, she also showed how to make them.  By providing images, it helps the DIYer visualize their custom jewelry-making journey.

For those looking to make the product, she includes affiliate links to buy all the materials they need.  Once again, issue resolution.  The DIYer doesn’t even need to seek out the materials, Bev does the work for them.  It helps that these links are affiliate-based, to give her a kick back when they choose to make the product rather than buy it.

In the post, Bev lets her personality shine.  It is as if she was there teaching you how to make the piece in person.  I particularly love the part when she said her own gift should be hand cream.

Social Media Friendly (aka share-able)
A highlighted Pin-It button pops up, when you hover over the blog post images, encouraging you to share her content.  Bev was also smart in branding each image with her website URL.

Providing More
At the end of her post she includes, two more posts of similar interest for the reader: How to make your own small hoop earrings and 5 unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her.  In addition, Bev includes a graphic that links to her Valentine’s Day Pinterest board for more inspiration.

Bev does a terrific job of knowing who her audience is, delivering a message that is custom to them, and presenting a potential, timely issue with three possible resolutions.  Furthermore, she sprinkles marketing touch points throughout her post.  I spoke of touch points in my piece, “Why Your Business Needs A Digital Media Strategy“.  Bev, knows exactly where she wants her audience to go and how to lead them there with her blog content.  She does a fantastic job of leading them down the path of building a solid relationship, and hopefully a future buyer/seller relationship as well.

One may think, this level of coordination is difficult.  However, it is not as tough as one may think.

It is about knowing the potential of each marketing component and proper planning.  

Very often business owners create a digital media presence with social media accounts, blogging and email marketing.  Typically they fall short at the point of pulling it all together properly.

It is important to take the time to plan first and make the most of the content you have created. 

Just like Bev did.  Her post was well thought out, properly planned and “linked” together very nicely with her other digital media accounts.  If you need help ‘linking’ your digital marketing strategy, you know where to find me.