Case Study: Part 2 Alex Moccia’s Social Media Strategy

Earlier this week I introduced you to Alex Moccia, a talented musician and social media rock star who grew her Instagram audience from 700 to 10,000+ followers in just 7 months.

Alex shared some great advice in the earlier post, Case Study: Social Media & the Music Industry – Part 1.

To recap:

  • Visit top accounts and topics that are trending and embed yourself in those conversations.
  • Become friends with the social media super users. Watch and listen and you will start to see who is engaging most on the popular accounts.
  • Get super users to talk with you.
  • Focus on timing and spread out your posts.
  • Post at popular times for those social media sites.
  • Don’t over hashtag. Stick to a few to attract the right audience.
  • Cultivate conversations by reusing hashtags.

Here are 3 more tips Alex shares with musicians and other professionals looking to grow their social media audience:

1.) Take time to do it.  Make social media a priority. Set aside time to do your social media. If you don’t set aside time to comment back, you won’t get the authentic relationships you want to have. Be engaging.

2.) Cross promote. It is really important to find people who are in similar careers, social circles, or have a similar styles to your own. When you find them cross promote. Those will be your truest followers.

3.) Make it special. With social media, it is important to make sure you have something different happening on each medium. You want to make sure the accounts are special in their own way and each one has something different from the rest.




If you haven’t already, connect with Alex on social media:


And check out Alex’s latest project, a cover of Purity Ring’ s Lofticries.