Case Study Recap – InstaSuccess with Cupcakes

If you read my last post, “Word of Mouth Marketing 2.0”, I spoke of how to engage brand advocates and to flip the sales funnel, to make the best use of your time and marketing dollars.  This isn’t the first time I have talked about Brand Advocacy and utilizing social media to engage with your audience.  Back in April 2013, I wrote a Case Study titled, “Half Baked Café’s Social Media Swirl”.  Half Baked Café is a local bakery in Beverly, MA that uses social media to bolster its online presence, stay connected to their fans, and draw customers into their brick and mortar location.

To Recap:
Half Baked Café is a sister location to a Cakes by Erin in Haverhill, MA.  Erin’s cake creations are phenomenal and have gained local and national esteem.  She has even been featured on Food Network.  When it came time to launch a second “sister” location, Kelly, Half Baked Café future Owner and Erin’s sister, decided to tell her own key social media influencers as well as Cakes by Erin’s fans of the news.  Before even opening their doors in March 2013, they had 1,500 Facebook fans.  That number jumped to 2,800, just a month and a half later.  Now they are over 6,000 fans as they just celebrated their 2 year anniversary.

Once again, we call this “flipping the sales funnel”.  They aren’t relying on grand scheme marketing campaigns worth thousands of dollars to inform the masses.  They are using their current online base of customers and social media tools to expand their reach.

What works for Half Baked Café is that they understand their audience, their business, and how to connect the two through social media.

Half Baked Café has transformed in the time since I have written the last post.  They have added a side outdoor patio, more seating thanks to recent interior renovations, catering services, as well as Friday lunch delivery service for local businesses.  In addition, Half Baked Café also has restructured their social media approach.

They have the social media audience, now they need to entertain them.  At the center of their content strategy is their Instagram account.

Half Baked Cafe Instagram

Since they have a highly visual (and delicious looking) business, Half Baked Café uses the visual social media tool to capture the specials of the day, inspirational quotes or new recipes they are testing.  Then, they publish those Instagram images to Facebook and Twitter.

Essentially they use Instagram as the content driver to “feed” their other social media accounts (pun intended).

Kudos to Half Baked Café for all the business and social media success!  We look forward to watching what other social media tricks you have up your sleeve in the future!

Image Source: Half Baked Café Instagram