Case Study: Social Media & the Music Industry – Part 1

Of recent, my posts are all about how you can incorporate social media and blogging to enhance your website, hobby or business. This next social media marketing post is very special. One of my clients is lifting the veil on how she uses social media to propel her music career.

First a little background: Meet Alex Moccia


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I met with Alex back in February for our first consult. Alex wanted to discuss ways to enhance her social media marketing to further develop her fan base.

Alex is just 20 years old and a 10-year music industry veteran whose been signed by various major labels. However each label had the same issue; trying to match her voice to her image. Alex is an attractive young woman with a sultry voice. Record labels didn’t know how to market a younger Alex. She also shared, “It was always difficult to find a direction, because I was unsure, [of who I was/what I wanted to be]. Now I am surer of the direction I want to take and the music I want to be known for.

She is trying a new route with her music career and is releasing her own music independently. In order to do this Alex needs to build a solid fan base. Even if a label were to approach her in the future, they require prospects to prove their fan base is already in existence.

This is where social media is extremely valuable to Alex and other musicians.

Alex had a strong following on Instagram and used this as the primary platform to further grow her audience and to promote her music. She prefers Instagram as her platform of choice, “That is where I have gotten a lot of feedback and engagement from people who are not in my location.” She adds, “I find it is an easier medium for people who don’t know each other and want to connect, comment and engage.

Through using Instagram, her strategy has become building her visual brand as well as providing snippets of her music and current projects. By visiting her account, you will get a snapshot of what Alex is all about.

Alex Moccia Instagram Sample

Image Source: Alex Moccia Facebook Page

Alex has spent a lot of time with her Instagram account and developed a smart social strategy to enhance her following.

Since February her following has grown from 700 to 10,000+ followers.

Alex did not pay for any of these followers. She has acquired them through a solid, dedicated focus she used to grow her fan base.

What are the tactics that Alex uses to propel her social media and music career?
The main point is putting herself in “social” situations where she can find and connect with potential fans. Alex looks for communities of individuals and popular accounts that mimic her vibe and style. Then she engages with those audience members and invites them to her page.

In a given week Alex spends between 10-12 hours circulating content. For Instagram, she goes to popular accounts and looks for interesting content to comment on. Alex shared, “It helps to engage in other people’s galleries and their content.” She suggests visiting top accounts or images that are trending. “You get a lot of engagement, when you talk with people who are speaking there.” Alex also advises to keep an eye out for super users and engage with them. She mentioned that if you check the popular accounts, eventually you find users who are very active in those arenas. “If you engage, they will talk to you and follow you back.

Alex smartly uses her time. On a busy week she spreads those 10-12 hours out across the weekdays. “If I have promotion heavy day then I am using social media 3-4 hours that day“. Then the next day she goes online for an hour; revisits, follows-up and engages with the previous days discussions.

Another tip Alex shares: “Know when to post and then spread out those posts. Don’t post 30 times/day. You are wasting your time and not getting engagement.” Alex makes sure to posts during popular times such as #TBT (Throwback Thursday) and #WCW (WomanCrushWednesday) to attract followers.



#tbt @hannssolo is here working with me so I thought Id throw it back to a little cover we did a while ago…I’ll be putting up some new stuff in a few days when I finally recover from this cold !! #throwback #sick #staytuned #morecoming

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While on the topic of hashtags, Alex comments, “‘Hashtagging’ is important and there is a real art form to it.” She makes sure to pick the rights hashtags to use repeatedly to attract the correct audience. She adds, “Don’t over hashtag. Stick to just a few to make your point.”

It is important to note Alex can also be found on YouTube, Facebook and Twitteras well. She uses each of her accounts in various ways to create a unique environment for those communities.

Why is Alex working like a maniac to grow her social media following?
In the next few months she will be teasing her audience with covers as she gears up for her original music release in early 2015. “My latest project is essentially grass rooting my independent artist career.” She goes on to share “This is the first time in my life, I’m taking everything I learned in the industry, writing my album and doing everything with my own team.”

Alex is also using her social media channels to invite followers along during her journey. “As I finish up the album, I plan to ask my audience questions and give them the choice to decide the outcome of my album.” She explains, “You have a fan base, why not ask them what they want and give them the opportunity to choose?

To join Alex’s on her musical journey you can follow her:


Here is Alex’s latest remixed cover of “Lofticries”, originally recorded by Purity Ring. Be sure to check it out.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this post on Thursday, when Alex shares more social media tips for musicians and professionals looking to build their fan base.

Image Sources: Alex Moccia Facebook and Instagram accounts