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JO Social Branding October 2015 EMAIL MARKETING REPORT

October 2015 Email Marketing Report

In my September 2015 Email Marketing Report I focused on the “less is more” content tactic.  Lately with my Social Eyes newsletter, my average click-through-rates haven’t been as high as I want them.  I believe it is because I include too much content in my newsletter.  I scaled back the amount of content and my click-through-rate

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September 2015 EMAIL MARKETING REPORT JO Social Branding

September 2015 Email Marketing Report

In my August Email Marketing Report I aimed to increase my click-through rate to 14%, or double the industry average of 7.10%.  This was a difficult goal to carry out that I didn’t achieve.  My click-through-rate for the last 3 emails was 10%.  I was still above the industry average but I continue to strive

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August 2015 JO Social Branding Email Marketing Report

August 2015 Email Marketing Report

I set a large goal for myself in the July 2015 Email Marketing Report.  That goal was to have all green categories in my industry report.  This means I would need perfection in every category.  I knew that was a steep goal, but I figured it would be fun to see how close I could

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JO Social Branding July 2015 EMAIL MARKETING REPORT

July 2015 Email Marketing Report

In the June 2015 Email Marketing Report my goal was to continue to meet and hopefully exceed my open and click-through rates.  I managed to stay on task with each of my newsletters and exceeded with one in particular.  Let’s take a look.   To listen to this blog post, click the player below.  

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JO Social Branding June 2015 EMAIL MARKETING REPORT

June 2015 Email Marketing Report

In the April 2015 Email Marketing Report, I vowed to focus more on increasing my open and click-through rates.  With my June 8th newsletter “MORE NEWS than you can handle.” I managed to keep up my average – which is a feat in of itself these days.  Let’s take a look at the latest numbers.

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JO Social Branding April 2015 EMAIL MARKETING REPORT

April 2015 Email Marketing Report

It is Email Marketing Report time!  With the March Email Marketing Report, I revealed that I wanted to have a stronger focus on delivering valuable content that would boost my click-through-rate.  I planned to analyze the type of content to see what was more attractive to my subscribers; type of content (article, video, guided tutorial)

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