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EP 27 How to Produce PR Opportunities for Your Business with Robin Samora

EP 27: How to Produce PR Opportunities for Your Business with Robin Samora

  Robin Samora, Founder of Partner Promotions and Small Business Marketing and PR Expert and Speaker Robin Samora teaches small business owners how their brands can command attention in a noisy, crowded marketplace. Through her speaking, consulting and coaching, she helps clients find their ideal prospects, form valuable relationships and turn followers into loyal customers

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You Need to Tap That {Ambassador Network}

Social media ambassadors are those individuals that like your content, retweet (share) your posts and favorite your Instagram photos. Ultimately they are your own personal brand cheerleaders. For whatever reason they have taken a vested interest in you and your business. They may like your style, have a personal connection or believe in your purpose.

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What Happens If We Don’t Say No?

This year I have decided to adopt the 3 Word Challenge established by Chris Brogan, author, marketing consultant and social media marketing expert. Every year he challenges himself and his readers to adopt 3 words to live by for the year. This tactic is to help you keep focus on your career, life, goals, etc.

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5 Tips for Updating Your LinkedIn Account

This is the second time I have taught the LinkedIn class at North Shore Community College. After the first class last June, I wrote about How to Make LinkedIn Work for You. This most recent class we talked more about LinkedIn as a living resume. LinkedIn is a powerful tool allowing you to include all

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Two Don’ts of LinkedIn

When it comes to LinkedIn I have two pet peeves: People who connect with me and don’t bother writing a personal message. People who endorse me that cannot attest to the skills they are endorsing me for. Make It Personal I take my LinkedIn community serious.  I don’t connect with people who cannot add value

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Who are your brand cheerleaders?

Hang on PR-defied is taking a turn!  As you know it has been about analyzing news stories from a PR perspective.  However as social media infiltrates our life it’s important to analyze not only from a PR standpoint but from a social media standpoint as well.  As I work on this latest venture and on

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