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How Email Marketing Saved a Realtor from Closing Their Doors

A few years back I had a realtor come to me, asking for help. Business had slowed down – dramatically. Even though competitors were signing new listings, things were very quiet on their end. This realtor told me they needed social media to save their business and thought the answer was to be more active on

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10 Ways You Are Failing At Email Marketing

10 Ways You Are Failing at Email Marketing and How to Fix It

It seems lately I increasingly hear, “Email Marketing doesn’t work anymore.”  I was first shocked at these statements, then puzzled as to why I kept hearing similar comments over and over again. Statements like: “Email Marketing is dead.” “People don’t have time to read longer emails anymore.” “People don’t want to be inundated with emails all

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EP 32: Everything You Need to Know About Email Marketing with Heather Jackson

Heather Jackson, Constant Contact Heather Jackson is Constant Contact’s educational marketing expert in New England. Heather has more than 20 years’ experience working with small businesses and entrepreneurs, including her experience starting and building 2 of her own businesses. Heather is experienced in helping small and medium size businesses, as well as non-profits and associations

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EP 29- The 411 on Website Landing Pages and Email Marketing Autoresponders

EP 29: The 411 on Website Landing Pages and Email Marketing Autoresponders with Bryan Caplan

Bryan Caplan, CEO, BJC Branding  Bryan Caplan is the CEO of BJC Branding, providing digital marketing strategy, consulting, and educational workshops to small business owners like you. His passion for helping people coupled with his considerable knowledge of marketing and entrepreneurship, led him to create BJC Branding in 2010. Bryan takes a consultative approach with

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EP 25 How to Build a Cross Marketing Promotions with Lindsay Joy Higgins - JO Social Branding

EP 25: How to Build a Cross Marketing Promotion with Lindsay Joy Higgins

Lindsay Joy Higgins, Leave It To Lindsay Marketing  Lindsay Joy Higgins is a former Marketing Advisor at Constant Contact – the leader in email marketing, and the owner of Boston based social media agency, Leave it to Lindsay.  Lindsay specializes in social media management & email marketing services for small to medium sized businesses across

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EP 24: Digital Marketing Surveys & Strategy with Cider Hill Farm

Jenny Durocher, Cider Hill Farm  Jenny Durocher is going into her 3rd season at Cider Hill Farm.  She joined the farm as their Farm Store Manager 2 years after graduating college with a double major in business and communications.  In addition to many other roles on the farm she is the leader of their marketing

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