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EP 36- Learn to Vlog Like a Boss with Amy Schmittauer

EP 36: Learn to Vlog Like a Boss with Amy Schmittauer

Amy Schmittauer, Savvy Sexy Social An authority in digital content marketing and video blogging strategy, Amy Schmittauer is a fearless educator, professional consultant, video blogger and speaker about impactful content marketing. An internationally-acclaimed video marketing speaker, Amy is known for her edutainment style which originates from her popular YouTube show Savvy Sexy Social. Dedicated to helping rising stars embrace

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EP 35- How to Build an Instagram Following with @ThisPugsLife

EP 35: How to Build an Instagram Following with @ThisPugsLife

Meredith Krueger, @ThisPugs ife Charlie, a little black pug, took ownership of Meredith Krueger in July of 2013.  Meredith’s now husband, JP, surprised her with Charlie after Meredith’s year long convincing campaign to get a baby pug.  His Instagram account, @thispugslife, was started in September 2013 and in 3 years has grown to 30,000 followers. 

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EP 33: How to Take Charge of Your Social Media Marketing with Azure Collier

Azure Collier, Constant Contact Azure Collier is the Social Media Marketing and Community Manager for Constant Contact in Waltham, MA, where she oversees the company’s social media networks, creates educational content, and writes for the Constant Contact blog about social media and email marketing best practices for small businesses and nonprofits. Prior to joining Constant

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EP 31: Tips on Launching Your Next eBook with Bev Feldman

Bev Feldman, Owner, Linkouture Bev Feldman is a mom, jewelry designer, blogger, freelance writer, and author of The Busy Mom’s Guide to Creativity. Before becoming a mom in 2013, she worked in a family support program and early education and received her Master’s Degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Bev has an affinity for inspiring

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ep-30-episode-recap with JO

EP 30: A Look Back {Episode Recap}

In this Social Eyes Podcast, JO takes a stroll down memory lane with her latest interviews and pulls together the key lessons, common threads and stand out moments from each guest.   EP 21: The Importance of Goal Setting with Suzan Czacowski – TheCommCoach  Issue I see most often: Business with no goals or too

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EP 29- The 411 on Website Landing Pages and Email Marketing Autoresponders

EP 29: The 411 on Website Landing Pages and Email Marketing Autoresponders with Bryan Caplan

Bryan Caplan, CEO, BJC Branding  Bryan Caplan is the CEO of BJC Branding, providing digital marketing strategy, consulting, and educational workshops to small business owners like you. His passion for helping people coupled with his considerable knowledge of marketing and entrepreneurship, led him to create BJC Branding in 2010. Bryan takes a consultative approach with

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