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Spark and Hustle Blog Post 2 – Let Your Sparkle Show

In my last post I talked about how I found sisterhood at the Spark and Hustle Celebration. Now I want to share my takeaways and highlight the special ladies I met, their missions and how they ‘bring it’, and let their sparkle show, every single day. Tory Johnson – “Wild about promoting small businesses & women’s health/wealth.

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Spark & Hustle Part 1 – Finding Sisterhood

This past weekend I attended my second Spark and Hustle conference and I have so much to share with you!  My first Spark and Hustle experience was in June 2013 and was phenomenal. That is why I didn’t think twice about hoping a plane, with my mentor and friend Stephanie, to attend the 4 year

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Be a Mentor and Give Back

I have a mentor, I am not afraid to say it. There are always lessons to be learned and if I can have assistance in building up my business and being the best businesswoman I can be, then I am going to learn those lessons and make the most of those moments. Lucky for me,

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