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How to Boost Your New Business with Facebook & Digital Marketing with Liz Dodge - JO Social Branding

EP 23: How to Boost Your New Business with Facebook & Digital Marketing with Liz Dodge

Liz Dodge, Owner, Hair Envee Salon Liz comes from a family of hair stylists, with over 60 years of experience. She has the passion for the hair industry and it shows in every client that she does. Liz has always had the dream of opening her own salon, and after 6 years of working for

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Where To Find Your Idea Inspiration

Unless you are the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates and have given birth to multiple “brain children”, often you need a little stimulation to help inspire your next product, project, or service. My number one source of inspiration is reading. Then I tweak, edit and enhance those ideas to make them my own. Why

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Social Media Takes Time

As I was teaching my Intro to Social Media course last night at North Shore Community College, one of my students stated, “So based on what you said, it looks like building your social media takes time.”  A great assumption made by my student and so often misconceived by the general public.  Social media never

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Be a Mentor and Give Back

I have a mentor, I am not afraid to say it. There are always lessons to be learned and if I can have assistance in building up my business and being the best businesswoman I can be, then I am going to learn those lessons and make the most of those moments. Lucky for me,

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Who are your brand cheerleaders?

Hang on PR-defied is taking a turn!  As you know it has been about analyzing news stories from a PR perspective.  However as social media infiltrates our life it’s important to analyze not only from a PR standpoint but from a social media standpoint as well.  As I work on this latest venture and on

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Co-working spaces are the future of small business

Here is a look at my first week in my new co-working office space! So far my first week at Launch Cooperative has been a huge success!  Launch Cooperative is a co-working space in Salem, MA that provides individuals who work from home an alternative working scene.  You can either rent a desk on a

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