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Why The 2015 Super Bowl Ads Were A Major Fail

For the past few years I have written a follow-up blog post on the Super Bowl Advertisements.  You can view my past posts: SUPER Bowl XLVII – Ad SUPERlatives  Why You Don’t Need $4 Mil. to Make a Splash at the Super Bowl  The past few years I have become increasingly underwhelmed with the advertisements. 

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Playas Got To Play – Building Your Marketing Playbook

“Super Bowl” or  “The Big Game” is upon us.  You are hearing everything about fantastic football plays, super-sized halftime shows and multi-million dollar advertisements. How does this apply to your business or blog? Well with each of these examples there is some sort of playbook in place.  Whether it is: Tom Brady’s planned lateral pass

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Why You Don’t Need $4 Mil. to Make a Splash at the Super Bowl

Well are you as disappointed as I was at the lack of creativity in the television commercials in this year’s Super Bowl? I am thankful I had my Twitter account open because that is where all the action was happening. Brands battled it out to stay current in the social media conversation, providing play-by-play as

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