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TBT Wayback Machine – A Trip Down Memory Lane

It’s Throwback Thursday so where are we headed today? This time, I am unveiling a time machine. The Wayback Machine is a website that allows you to revisit websites of the past. Return to what your blog looked like when you first launched, check out your old MySpace account (if you remember your username) and

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Throwback Thursday – Tackling Twitter

If you have been following along the past couple of weeks, you have seen this game I am playing where I am teaching my old self, social media practices my new self would share. It started with my first blog post, then crept over to my first Instagram, and this week we are tackling Twitter.

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Throwback Thursday – Lessons From My First Instagram

Did you like last week’s post, “Throwback Thursday – Lessons Learned from My First Blog Post”? Well I am “throwing” you back in time with another one. This time we are going to analyze my Instagram account. Yes, I was late to the Instagram bandwagon from a social media expert perspective. I don’t know why

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Throwback Thursday – Lessons Learned From My First Blog Post

Recently I attended a blogger Twitter party where suggestions were thrown around about additional ways to further develop our blogs. One party-goer asked about re-purposing old blog content. I had a fun idea and suggested about incorporating Throwback Thursday (#TBT) into our blog posts. You know that universal question, “What would you tell yourself when

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