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Jo Social branding how o create an engaging autoresponder series

How to Create an Engaging Email Autoresponder Series (Guided Tutorial)

  “Autoresponders” otherwise known as “drip campaigns” are a series of pre-populated emails, that you send to a specific target audience, over an extended period of time. Autoresponders are a time-friendly and cost-effective tool that helps you stay top of mind, engage with your audience and potentially leads to sales!   Create these emails ONCE and

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JO Social Branding How to add audio to blog posts - using your smartphone

How To Add Audio To Your Blog Posts (A Guided Tutorial)

If you are a frequent reader of my blog, you will have noticed in the last month I have added audio clips to the each of my current posts.  It is actually a much easier process than you would imagine.  With this post, I am sharing the steps of how you can add audio to

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