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20 Ways to Make Your Digital Brand Better

You may recall in my post, “How Authentic Are You with Digital Media?”, I discuss the debate of putting your true “authentic self” forward.  I also answered the question, “How authentic should you and your brand be?” Answer: As authentic as you feel comfortable with. Building off this topic, I want to discuss Branding and how Authenticity plays a role

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Digital Media Trends for 2015: Q2 Update

Since the digital marketing industry changes with the blink of an eye, it is extremely important to stay on top of the trends and adjust your marketing plan accordingly.  As we enter a new business quarter I decided to revisit my predictions in the January post, “3 Digital Media Trends for 2015“.  What you didn’t

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Spark and Hustle Blog Post 2 – Let Your Sparkle Show

In my last post I talked about how I found sisterhood at the Spark and Hustle Celebration. Now I want to share my takeaways and highlight the special ladies I met, their missions and how they ‘bring it’, and let their sparkle show, every single day. Tory Johnson – “Wild about promoting small businesses & women’s health/wealth.

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My 3 Go-To Blog Image Resources

Last week I talked about sizing your images, this week I want to take a step back and talk about where to source images for your blog. I recently came across a blog post titled, “My Blogging Stumbling Block” by Megan from The Walker Fireside Chats, who shared that her blogging weakness lies in her

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How To Strategize Your Social Media Plan

I came across this brilliant social media infographic posted on The Next Web and I had to share. This image shows just how easily it is to strategize your social media plan. Source: The Next Web Often when I talk to clients about returning to the drawing board and creating a plan, I receive hesitant

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How I Find Inspiration

Last week I talked about how I use reading as a stimulus for idea generation. However this isn’t the only resource or tactic I use to keep the ideas flowing. I have a few other quirks that help me stay motivated and on task. Now I am sharing them with you. For me these are

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