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As The Social Media World Turns

Some people dread change, others accept it with open arms. However, if you are a social media user you don’t have much choice. You better be on board & ready to hit “Update All” on your mobile & tablets devices. Social media is ever-changing as each platform tweaks and alternates settings to adjust their strategy

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There’s An App for You(r Business)

The Merriam Webster definition for Social Media is “forms of electronic communication through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content.” (Merriam Webster) In my Intro to Social Media class I discuss how this definition applies to the evolution of social media. If this definition is true then (the

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Why You Don’t Need $4 Mil. to Make a Splash at the Super Bowl

Well are you as disappointed as I was at the lack of creativity in the television commercials in this year’s Super Bowl? I am thankful I had my Twitter account open because that is where all the action was happening. Brands battled it out to stay current in the social media conversation, providing play-by-play as

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