Crowd Funding Part 3: Meet Tina Tumbles

I have written 2 blog posts about crowd funding campaigns and have teased 2 follow-up posts that I have yet to write. Well today is your lucky day! I am coming through on one of my promises – and glad I have held off for so long. I truly believe in this next project.

To Refresh Your Memory:
Crowd Funding Button.Crowd funding has become the ideal fundraising tool for artists looking to fund a project and need some financial backing. The artist provides their story about why they are raising funds, and turn to their fans and brand ambassadors to “buy stock” in the campaign. Typically the campaign leader creates incentives to entice the participant to give more money. Once invested in the campaign, they receive something in return tied to the artist or project. What makes crowd funding unique is that it empowers fans to invest in an artist’s project that they admire and believe in. It gives them power to make the project happen themselves.

You are welcome to review my earlier posts about a local photographer & musician and how they used crowd funding to finance their campaigns.

Tina Tumbles Crowd Funding Campaign
I have known the campaign leader for this next project since middle school and believe in her vision. Danielle Soucy Mills, a children’s author is looking for assistance in publishing her first book ‘Tina Tumbles’.

‘Tina Tumbles’ is about “a spunky, fun-loving girl who discovers the excitement of gymnastics while watching gymnasts flip across the television screen! Tina is determined to master her skills. But sometimes things are not as easy as they look. Ultimately, this story is about building self-esteem, motivation, focus, and perseverance–all of the qualities which help kids succeed in reaching their goals, whatever they may be. It is about working so hard and refusing to quit, no matter how impossible things may seem.” (Tina Tumbles Crowd Funding Page)

tina tumbles

As long as I have known Danielle she has been an avid gymnast. She always had a smile or her face and was a positive human being. We remained friends in high school and even though we find ourselves on different sides of the United States, we are still Facebook friends. I can even claim “I knew her when…” as we both took a women’s liberation writing class together senior year.

In her crowd funding pitch, Danielle shares she always wanted to write and pursued this dream in graduate school. Danielle has managed to take her two passions and package them into a motivational children’s book for young gymnasts. Like Tina, Danielle didn’t stop when she hit a road bump, when she found her Publisher wasn’t going to work out. She took matters into her own hands and created this crowd funding campaign.

My pitch to you:
As the Sochi Olympics approach, let’s think about the future Olympians. The ones sitting on their living room floors, looking up to the TV and wishing “maybe someday I will be there too.”

This inspirational children’s book deserves to become published. I plan to buy 2 books for my little cousins. Coincidentally these 2 little women were flower girls in my wedding and decided the best way to try out their flower girl dresses were to do cartwheels and back flips around David’s Bridal. As you can see, no flower girl dresses were harmed in the pre-Olympic trials.

wedding photo

You should think about investing for the little Olympians in your life. Or share this link with others. Let’s help Danielle and inspire future Olympians! We have until February 10th to help Danielle reach her $8,000 goal!

View the full campaign here.

Photo Credits:
Tina Tumbles (Tina Tumbles KickStarter Page)
Wedding Photo Dina K Photography