Email Marketing Love Notes: Dating In the Business World

Remember when you first stated dating your significant other, or the beginning of one of your best relationships?  The beginning is fun.  You are more adventurous as you get to know the person.  You attempt to impress the other  You try new things together, as you figure out if this relationship will work.  Email marketing is no different.

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As a business your email should be the way you court your customers, clients and those who are interested in you.

When you send emails or newsletters, is your message enticing enough to get them to open the email?  Does the subject line make them immediately open the message to see what you have to say?  Do they perceive your information as valuable?  Is it enticing enough for them to keep you in their inbox, and keep the relationship going?  Email marketing is relationship marketing.  It is all about getting to know your audience and what they expect from you.

You need to continually impress your audience, because there are other suitors looking for the same type of relationship.

The best way to understand what your customers want is to look at your analytics and reporting.  Some questions to ask yourself as you evaluate the numbers:

  • What emails have a higher open rate?
  • How do they compare to emails with lower open rates?
  • What links are subscribers clicking on?
  • Do you have a highly engaged audience that clicks on multiple components?
  • Can you create an exclusive, VIP relationship for them?

However, be warned.  The relationship can go south very fast.  According to the CAN-SPAM Act, you have to give subscribers the option to opt-out.  Make sure that whatever email program you use, they are immediately removed if they unsubscribe.  There is nothing worse than unsubscribing and still receiving that correspondence.  You risk a higher chance of being marked as spam too.

If you have high unsubscribe rates you should evaluate your email marketing.  Look at the list above and replace high open rates with low ones.  What are you doing to turn people away?

With email marketing, you want to be that attractive, engaged suitor that understands the client and makes them feel loved. 

You do not want to be that annoying suitor, who won’t go away when you ask politely, and is just plain annoying.

Food for thought:

  • Poor subject lines = Bad pick-up lines.
  • Over sending emails = That suitor who won’t stop calling you.
  • Not sending enough emails = The person you are very interested in but is playing hard to get and so you move on.
  • Break Up = Unsubscribe.  You can be civil and ask why they are opting out to better understand.  Respect their decision and move on.

Email Marketing Love Notes Dating in the Business World
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