Social Eyes EP 21 The Importance of Goal Setting

EP 21: The Importance of Goal Setting with The Comm Coach Suzan Czajkowski

Suzan Czajkowski

Suzan Czajkowski, M.A., PCC, is a an award winning digital marketing consultant and communication coach who helps small business owners design their own marketing strategy and make good marketing decisions that generate great results.

Suzan started her business, TheCommCoach, in 2009 after leaving her last corporate job as a Marketing Manager with an international publisher. She has worked in a variety of different industries including fitness, technology, academics, and the military. She has both a B.A. and an M.A. in Communication and is a Certified Leadership Coach through Georgetown University. Suzan is PCC certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and was awarded Business Coach of the Year by ICF’s local New England chapter in 2013. She is a Master Certified Authorized Local Expert for Constant Contact, and is Inbound Certified through Hubspot.



Key Points

1. Understanding who you are as a business and how to communicate that through all of your marketing.

“When we talk about their marketing it needs to translate to real life in how they communicate online and to their prospects… Need to understand their marketing and how they talk about their products.”


2. Setting a goal: What you look at is where you are going.

Goals gives you a direction but allows you to filter opportunities. All in all helps you stay on track.

“Goals are imperative. If you don’t set a goal for where you are going.  You are going to end up somewhere else.”

Motorcycle Example:  You need to look where you are going. If you are on the motorcycle and you look left you will drift left.

“Business and life are the same way, where you look at is where you are going to go.”


3. On Having Multiple Goals
“It is about prioritization.  What is the one goal?  You will get to all.  But work on the one you feel most passionate about.”

“Understand, as you put things into place to reach that goal. Some of the other goals will fall into place or you will put things in place that will help you get to that next goal more easily.”


4. Setting SMART Goals 

“Take the time to get specific {with your goals}.”

S – specific, M – measurable, A – attainable, R – relevant (reasonable), T – timely

“Goals are dreams with deadlines” – Napoleon Hill

They help you find your path.

“Having goals, when you set goals they become a tool, because you can filter much more quickly.”


5. Two levels of goals: Reasonable Goals then set Audacious goals.

Reasonable Goal (10 Likes in the next month) something you can achieve.

Audacious Goal (200 Likes in the next month) something motivate and pushes you.


6. On Failing Your Goals:

You need perspective.

Riding up a hill in a bike example, “This is the learning”.

“If you keep peddling you will get to the top of the hill.”

“If you set a big goal or set a goal that is further out is  You haven’t failed if you haven’t hit that goal because you will have landed somewhere near that goal.”


7. On Finding Your Audience:

Ask yourself – Are you goals relevant to the people you are trying to serve?

“If you are trying to focus on a targeted audience.  Know who they are and focus on that.”

“You have breadth and depth with your online marketing, but you want to be the right breadth to get to the right depth.”



  • “Goals are Dreams with Deadlines.” – Napoleon Hill @The_CommCoach
  • “People think marketing is some tried, tested and here is the answer.  And it is not. It’s always changing.” – @The_CommCoach
  • “When it is hard, when you are making mistakes. That is when you are learning.” – @The_CommCoach
  • “Goals are things to envision, but they aren’t truth until you achieve them.” – @The_CommCoach


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