Social Eyes EP 222- Authenticity and Building an Online Community with Julia Campbell

EP 22: Authenticity and Building an Online Community with Julia Campbell

JuliaCampbell01web (1)Julia C. Campbell, Digital Marketing Strategist, Founder of J Campbell Social Marketing

Julia Campbell has been involved with the social good sector her whole life, from coordinating food drives as a child to volunteering at homeless shelters in high school to assisting NGOs in Senegal, West Africa and beyond.

In her current position, she consults and trains nonprofits on the best ways to use digital tools to raise money and awareness for their organizations. Her blog is consistently featured in the list of Top 150 Nonprofit Blogs in the world, and she is currently publishing a book on storytelling and social media with Charity Channel Press.

Key Points

1. &  2. Social media is about being your authentic self and building your community.

  • You want a dynamic, engaged community of people.
  • Telling a story – Not just non-profits, being authentic, humanize the experience. Try and focus on one story that you can tell.
  • It is about customizing your feed for your audience. (Garden City Pediatrics) Know customers.  “Understanding who you want, who your ideal person is key and serving up information they enjoy.”

Authenticity – Knowing your brand, setting yourself apart from competitors, help one another other, different things to offer.


3. There is no, one size fits all for social media marketing.
There are best practices/guidelines but it is different for everyone.


4. 3 Things to ask yourself when exploring a new channel:

  1. Is my audience there?
  2. Can I provide value in the space?
  3. Do I have a capacity to manage it?



  • “Social media marketing is using online tools to build a community and engage with your people where they are.” – @JuliaCSocial
  • “It is not what you want to say, it is about what others want to hear. It is about customizing your feed for your audience.” – @JuliaCSocial
  • “Everyone is on Facebook, no one does it perfectly including me but there are certain things to be effective.” –@JuliaCSocial


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