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EP 23: How to Boost Your New Business with Facebook & Digital Marketing with Liz Dodge

Liz Dodge Hair Envee Salon

Liz Dodge, Owner, Hair Envee Salon

Liz comes from a family of hair stylists, with over 60 years of experience. She has the passion for the hair industry and it shows in every client that she does. Liz has always had the dream of opening her own salon, and after 6 years of working for others, she was finally able to do so with Hair Envee. Liz specializes in color and creative foils to really make your hair pop.

Key Points

1.)  Importance of having a place where you can communicate with your audience.
Liz created a Facebook Page when she worked at the other salon.  When she started her own business, she was able to easily share that information with her audience.


2.) Liz knows the purpose of each social media platform and how to leverage them to work together.  She has different ways she uses the different social media sites for her business.

  • Facebook – Communicate to audience.
  • Facebook/Instagram – More last minute deals.
  • Email Newsletter – Communicate special monthly offers as a loyalty program with “Text to Join” for 20% off next service.
  • Email Newsletter + Simple Share (to Facebook) + Boosting the Post with Advertising.
  • Word of Mouth – Referral Program – Free service next time they come in if they refer someone.


3. On sharing news on social media
Go into Facebook Business Page share news and then shares to your personal audience.


4.) On boosting a post
“I put it up, it was really getting a lot of likes, and a lot of people were liking it and I thought ‘Maybe I should boost this one.’ I only spent $5, it wasn’t a money issue at all and I thought ‘I am going to try this’.”



  • On Changing Your Business (and pages on social media)
    “Sometimes when people start businesses or they have another page – they don’t link it to the other page. I have a couple of my friends that have opened businesses since, and I have told them to just change the name of the Facebook page, instead of starting a whole new one.”  {So you don’t lose the audience.}


  • On Yelp vs Facebook:
    “You have to be strong in the sense that you know what is working for you.” @dodge_liz“You have to weigh your pros and cons and figure out who is best for you at that moment.  If that product is going to do you well or is it going to put you in the hole.” @dodge_liz


  • On Sharing a Facebook Business Page to Personal Page.
    “You are linking the two together so why not see the insights? If you are just blindly posting things to your (personal) Facebook you aren’t seeing them (from an Insights standpoint).” @dodge_liz


  • On Online Advertising:
    “You have to figure what Facebook is going to let you do {with ads} depending on what business you are in, and if you have something you really want to showcase your work with.” @dodge_liz


  • On Email Marketing Subject Lines:
    You want your email marketing subject lines to be engaging. “With {subject lines and posts} you have to word things in a certain way to get people’s attention”. @dodge_liz


  • On Social Media Marketing:
    “It’s all about being relate-able because that is what will get people coming back for more.” @dodge_liz“Go with the flow. If it seems like it is working, just do it, you have nothing to lose.” @dodge_liz“If you feel that isn’t your speed to jump into things, just boost a post for $5 and see what happens.”@dodge_liz

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