EP 24: Digital Marketing Surveys & Strategy with Cider Hill Farm

Cider Hill Farm Jenny Durocher, Cider Hill Farm 

Jenny Durocher is going into her 3rd season at Cider Hill Farm.  She joined the farm as their Farm Store Manager 2 years after graduating college with a double major in business and communications.  In addition to many other roles on the farm she is the leader of their marketing strategies, increasing their Facebook following 20% and creating the farm Instagram account which grew to over 2,000 followers in just one year.



Key Points

1.) On Managing Different Aspects of Business & Social Media

  • Many different sides to their business – “I do a little bit of everything, but I focus on what I know.”
  • Strategy linking accounts Instagram – Facebook – Twitter to save time.
  • Tip: Post on Instagram and then clean up emoticons on Facebook.


2.) On Running a Survey 

  • Used a survey “to figure out who I am going after – doing things right, wrong, how to change.”
  • Know in the beginning what you want to get out of the survey.
  • Jenny took the data and applied to her strategy.  The survey helped her figure out where she was going to put her time – and Jenny found she needed to focus more on marketing.
  • Jenny was focusing mostly on Facebook.  Adjusting the strategy helped her better communicate to her audience, boost Facebook fans even higher, and communicate more with email.  (80% wanted their information delivered to the inbox.)
  • Find the right time to send a survey.
  • Respondents entered into a raffle drawing ($25 gift card) as a thank you.


3.) On Email List Segmentation
“That is why we are working on segmenting {our list} – so we can overload who wants to be overloaded.”


4.) On Getting Subscribers to Join Your List
“I don’t have employees ask every person at checkout if they want to be on the list. We have sign-up sheets all over the store.  But if somebody says, ‘Do you know when strawberries are coming?’ or ‘When do you get Swiss Chard?’ That is when we take the opportunity to say “you know…if you wanted to sign up that is what you find out”.  We use it as a solution.”


5.) On Analyzing Survey Results

“I went through everything {survey results} and then thought, ‘Okay what is practical?’”

“I went through and picked 5 things we wanted to do.”

From the survey created a new Target Audience.  The survey revealed they didn’t reach anyone under age of 27 (answers were from 36-45).  “I realized I needed to go after the millennial generation… and that was why I went after the Instagram account”.

Also created an email strategy: “How am I going to make sure I am connecting with all these people?” {List Segmentation/Knowing Your Audience}

  • Bi-Weekly Newsletters (everyone).
  • Peak at What’s Picking Email – everything Thursday (everyone).
  • CSA Members – weekly email what was in their share. Add a recipe. (CSA Members).


6.) On Growing Your Facebook Following

  • Hosted Facebook giveaways – ‘Share and get entered to win’.
  • Word of Mouth – Made sure employees were telling people. When people asked told them to like the page.
    Chicken example – “Encouraging people look at our Facebook, where there is actually useful information there.”


7.) On Using Instagram in Your Marketing

  • “{Instagram} is so dynamic, people think it is just pictures, but you can be so creative in that.  There are so many ways to use it to your advantage and so many ways to interlink things with other people.”
  • Use the link in bio feature – 20% of views for blog came from Instagram link.
  • “My Biggest Struggle – is always getting content.  I don’t have time during the day to go around and take pictures or come up with witty comments. I felt chained down. Because some days I just don’t have a picture.”
  • Tip: Gotten creative with sharing others’ pictures and tag them.



7.) Tips on User Generated Content {Instagram}

  • Post 2 pictures everyday – (14/week) Share 4 pictures of other accounts.
  • Search on location.
  • Like and comment on every single picture.
  • Screen shot, message to send of those pictures/tag of those pictures she wanted to use in the future.
  • TBT throwback to a picture you used a while ago.


8.) On Finding the Right Social Media Formula

  • “It is all part of the learning curve of what your customers like and what they don’t like.”
  • “You just have to try {posting to social media} and see what works and don’t get discouraged.”
  • “You just have to try it, you will never know what is going to fail, or succeed unless you put it out there.”
  • Timing makes all the difference.  It could be the time and not the content.


9.) On Growing Your Social Media (Digital Marketing Strategy)

  • Each year Jenny takes on a new project and grows (last year Instagram) this year is the blog.
  • Get your accounts to a point of followers and they can grow themselves.



On Sending Multiple Communications:

“I don’t want to overload, I don’t want to send too many because I know what it is like to wake up to an inbox of 52 emails.  But at the same time I don’t unsubscribe from any of them either.” – @CiderHill

“Especially the day we live in now, people are emailing constantly, if my inbox is less than 30, it is like what happened, is there a zombie apocalypse?  That was a really big fear of mine and I am getting away from that”. – @CiderHill

“These people signed up for our email for a reason, they want to know what is going on at the farm.” – @CiderHill


On Email Marketing:
“I focus just as much energy on getting the customers we have {to come to the location} than getting news customers.” – @CiderHill


On Social Media Marketing:

“{Social media} is so important because it allows us to connect to our customers, it allows us to get feedback.” – @CiderHill

“You just have to try it, you will never know what is going to fail, or succeed unless you put it out there.” – @CiderHill

“Don’t be scared of it. Social Media is all of what you make of it. You can make it into this big scary cloud I have so much to do and nothing to post, or you can make it fun… There are ways of not letting it rule your life.” – @CiderHill

“Figuring out what you can do.  Can you spend 15 minutes a day and making the most of them.” – @CiderHill


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