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EP 25: How to Build a Cross Marketing Promotion with Lindsay Joy Higgins

LindsayJoyHiggins (2)Lindsay Joy Higgins, Leave It To Lindsay Marketing 

Lindsay Joy Higgins is a former Marketing Advisor at Constant Contact – the leader in email marketing, and the owner of Boston based social media agency, Leave it to LindsayLindsay specializes in social media management & email marketing services for small to medium sized businesses across the US, Canada, and United Kingdom.



Key Points & Quotables

1.) The Importance of Having Multiple Platforms to Communicate On:
“Email Marketing is still the most effective way for business owners to stay in touch with their customers to really get the word out about their business.” @LindsayJHiggins

“If Facebook goes down tomorrow how are you going to announce that you have a new location, announce a special or sale? Email Marketing is truly important.” @LindsayJHiggins


2.) Tips on Setting Goals for Your Marketing:
Always go into your marketing with a goal in mind: “What do you hope to get out of a boosted post?”

“Establishing a goal is very important when you are advertising, rather than boosting here and there.” @LindsayJHiggins


3.) On Setting Benchmarks for Your Marketing:
After your promotions runs, write down how many days, what is the cost, how many likes, comments, clicks, views, and whatever the goal is.  So you have something to compare it to for next time.  In the future, make adjustments as necessary.


4.) On Setting a Promotion Timeline:
Only ran Facebook ad for 3 days to create urgency (and to tie into next email campaign scheduled to go out).


5.) On Social Media Tag a Friend Promotions:

“It is definitely a great way to stay connected with customers who have already been to your restaurant who don’t follow you.  It increases your followers.” @LindsayJHiggins


6.) On Analyzing Data After a Promotion:

“Without doing that you are really shooting in the dark. It is super important to have a goal with everything that you are doing with your marketing. If you don’t, you really don’t know if it is working or if it isn’t.” @LindsayJHiggins


Case Study Recap:

Goal: To Build Up Their New Email List.

Objective: Set up a birthday club email and ran it with a 3 day Facebook Ad (Video)

Marketing Promotion Breakdown:

  • Reflect on bench marking goals before you start a campaign.
  • Total budget $30 (ROI = Price of one Entrée).
  • Ad goal: Collect more email addresses and signups for new birthday club.
  • Create a track-able hyperlink with Bit.ly.com.
  • Video Facebook Advertisement that leads to email list growth.


  • 82 clicks on track-able link.
  • 38 likes on advertisement.
  • 3 comments and 7 people tagged (potential customers).
  • 56 new email address on contact list:
    • 44.8% increase from what they had before.
    • 68% return on ad.
  • Paid only .54 cents/email address they received through Facebook.


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