26 The Power of Storytelling In Your Business with Gayle The Story Stylist (2)

EP 26: Unleashing the Power of Storytelling In Your Business with Gayle The Story Stylist

Gayle Nowak, Founder & CEO, The Story Stylist

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A former journalist and award-winning PR executive, Gayle has profiled everyday people, Olympians and business leaders; she has placed clients on The Oprah Show, in The New York Times and other national media. Today, Gayle helps coaches, consultants and creative entrepreneurs make competitors irrelevant, attract their best clients, impact more people and make meaningful money.

Gayle lives on the North Shore of Massachusetts with her two young daughters, Hazel and Natasha, husband Greg and their cat Veronica. In her free time, she likes to run up mountains, crawl in mud under barbed-wire and eat LOTS of dark chocolate.




Key Points & Quotables


1.) The Importance of Your Story

Knowing your story helps you understand your purpose, gives you direction and helps you stay committed.

“Once you are clear about what your story is, you become a lot more clear about what you are trying to do in your business.” @TheStoryStylist

“The story is by far one of the most powerful marketing tools you can use in your business but it also is a very grounding tool for yourself.” @TheStoryStylist


2.) Your Story and Business Growth

“Your core story will stay the same but the way you use your core story will evolve as your business evolves.  The story around your business needs to evolve as well.” @TheStoryStylist

“The first 5 years your business shifts and change pretty dramatically as you find your way.  Your story is going to shift as you work it out.” @TheStoryStylist


3.) Alignment & Finding the Right Story

In the beginning, Gayle was having a hard time with her business and getting clients to say yes.

“If you aren’t aligned with your message or what is going on in the inside, it doesn’t matter what you are saying on the outside. People are going to know.” @TheStoryStylist

“I wish someone told me, that whole {self-discovery} process {in the beginning} – is okay.  Until you get out there and start doing things, how are you supposed to know what is the “right thing” for you?” @TheStoryStylist

“You got to go out there, you need to start doing it {business}, go with the flow, and understand that it is a process and you evolve.  It doesn’t happen on the timeline you expect, really those first few years is all about your development as a business owner.” @TheStoryStylist


4.) Authenticity & Telling Your Story

“When you go into business for yourself, people want to do business with people.  They want to know why you got into business for yourself. That means you need to get more personal and get more vulnerable.” @TheStoryStylist


5.) The Power of Telling Your Story

When Gayle decided to share her personal story she went from $14 in sales one month to $7,800 – 3 weeks later.  All because she decided to share her story.

The greatest agony is burying an untold story.” –  Maya Angelou

“Story makes things meaningful – I can do this my own way.  I can go and work with people who want to make an impact who want to grow and help other people.” @TheStoryStylist

After sharing her story and seeing results: “I was like, ‘My gut instinct was right, this is real.’”


6.) On Sharing Your Story 

“Story is so powerful, it is so transformational.  If you have a little bit of courage and you have a great story that is relevant to your audience – you can change the world.” @TheStoryStylist

“When you have a great story, and you tell it well and it is relevant, it matters. Your life will change, your message will take on a different meaning.  And you will get opportunities that you have been dreaming of.” @TheStoryStylist


7.) On Telling A Difficult Story

“There’s transformation and healing in it. People really respond to that.  It really goes to the deeper core of why we do what we do.” @TheStoryStylist

“This is your story, you make the rules, you are in control and you decide who gets to hear your story.  If it doesn’t feel right, don’t share it.  You are totally in control.” @TheStoryStylist


8.) On Finding Your Story

“We already have what we need inside of us. We already have enough knowledge.  A lot of entrepreneurs are unsure. We are not entirely confident, we need to learn more stuff.  You can get a bad cycle of learning, learning, learning and not doing.” @TheStoryStylist

“Story really is a big piece of point of view, it is your experience that shapes your point of view.” @TheStoryStylist

“Get clear about your point of view, get clear about your personal story and be brave about sharing it.” @TheStoryStylist

“It’s clarity, it’s a strong point of view and it is courage.  Those are the things that are going to carry you through your business.  And action is the big thing.  Just go out and do it.” @TheStoryStylist

“You don’t have to have a deep story to share, you can still create vulnerability without having something that is earth shattering… you just need to be willing to be personal with people.” @TheStoryStylist


9.) On NOT Sharing Your Story

“All it does is make you invisible when you are trying to hide your point of view.” @TheStoryStylist



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