EP 27 How to Produce PR Opportunities for Your Business with Robin Samora

EP 27: How to Produce PR Opportunities for Your Business with Robin Samora

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Robin Samora, Founder of Partner Promotions and Small Business Marketing and PR Expert and Speaker

Robin Samora teaches small business owners how their brands can command attention in a noisy, crowded marketplace. Through her speaking, consulting and coaching, she helps clients find their ideal prospects, form valuable relationships and turn followers into loyal customers and raving fans.

In this episode Robin shares the essential to producing PR opportunities for your business which includes 6 tips to accomplishing business success.  What I really loved about this episode is that we talked a lot about the internal process of finding success.  From being comfortable with yourself and the brand perception you are putting out there, to setting up a process to evolve yourself by taking quantum leaps, and finally being comfortable with creating opportunities through Digital PR. Social PR, online tools, and networking with others.

This is a jam-packed episode, with many nuggets and takeaway on finding success in both your personal life and business.

Key Points & Quotables

1.) On The Evolution of PR

“PR has changed so much over the years, it isn’t just Social PR but its Traditional PR, Non-traditional digital marketing.  There are so many ways to gain visibility.” @RobinSamora

“I often tell business owners there has never been a better time to be in business, because there are so many opportunities to get your name out there, your brand out there, to engage with an audience and to also increase your expert status.” @RobinSamora


2.) On Bragging (feeling shy) vs. Sharing Your News:

“If you are out there promoting your work, you are promoting your brand, you are promoting your gift, and you will ultimately make a difference.”  @RobinSamora

“Leave the shy at home.”  @RobinSamora

Tip: Keep the 80 / 20 Rule in mind;  80% of the time promote other people – 20% promote yourself.

“It’s not always PR, its business, business building and messaging and communication.  It all works together and circles back.”  @RobinSamora


3.) On Pushing Yourself to Grow Your Business:

“You can’t just be comfortable; you have to grow.  You have to be able to take a quantum leap of who you want to be.” @RobinSamora

“Ask yourself, Who are you now?  Who do you want to be?  Who do you have to become to get there?” @RobinSamora


4.)  On Authenticity, PR and Branding

“You have to be who you are and not care so much what everybody in the world thinks.” @RobinSamora

“You have to be comfortable with yourself in your own skin.  You are your brand wherever you go.” @RobinSamora


5.)  On Growth & Change in Your Business 

“As you grow; you morph and transform – {your audience and their preferences} can change.” @RobinSamora

“Change is inevitable and change is beautiful.” @RobinSamora

“Variety is the spice of life.” @RobinSamora


6.) On Using HARO (Help A Report Out) For Your PR Strategy

“It is a great way to generate free publicity and promotion for your brand.  Plus it elevates your expert status, credibility, leadership position and you can use all of that when you promote yourself.” @RobinSamora


7.) On Aligning With Your Brand

“What aligns with your brand and what will you actually do?  It’s about connecting with the audience.” @RobinSamora


8.)  6 Tips for Success 

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Get Out There.

“As a recovering perfectionist – I can tell you, you will make your mistakes.  But if you are hell bent on being perfect, it will never work for you.  You have to be able to get out there.” @RobinSamora


  1. Find Out Really What Your True Voice Is…

“By really looking inside at who you are.  Live your life by your 3 or 4 core values.  If you live your life by them and your message by them, you will never go wrong.” @RobinSamora


  1. Money is Great, Money is Always Important, But It is a Tool

“Don’t always go for the money because it is the money.  The money will show up.” @RobinSamora


  1. Write Down What Your Goals Are

“That includes your life goals, business goals, PR goals.  Once you write them down, date them, and take inspired action to make them happen.” @RobinSamora

“In this particular body form that we have right now we have one shot at life, so let’s make it the best.  Expect the best but be prepared to give it your best.” @RobinSamora


  1. Meet People

“You can sit behind the computer and engage on Twitter, but there is nothing like going out and meeting people, networking and asking for the opportunity.” @RobinSamora

“If you want something you go for it. Same with promoting yourself.” @RobinSamora


  1. Just Be Yourself

“Success comes in so many different flavors and so many different ways.”  @RobinSamora


9.)  On Trying New Things 

“It is really important to try {things} out.  I call it a quantum leap.  Sometimes you have to start small.” @RobinSamora

“It is all about self-promotion, but not that you just are an island, because you are part of this bigger community.  I call it the dots connecting – how do you connect with the dots?” @RobinSamora


10.) On Collective Learning:

“People do business with humans. They don’t do business with robots. We are all humans, connecting and engaging {with one another} and we are all experts in training.” @RobinSamora


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